Oral health also like the other body issues need to be taken care, monitored to detect signs of disease and will evaluate as good or bad. The doctor will consultant measures to prevent or timely treatment. Therefore, the regular examination should be taken seriously to ensure health safety.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic understands the importance of dental care, and wants to be shared and supported with you. So we are always willing to provide free check-up and consultation for customers. When using other treatment services, customers always will be assured with the most appropriate treatment cost.

Why do we should have a regular check-up dental ?

A periodic dental visits can help you to know your dental health. Timely detection of dental disease from the beginning, so that treatment is easier and more cost effective for you.

The orthodontist will perform oral hygiene and help remove some of the damaging elements, help protect the shape, color and reinforce the chewing function of the teeth. At the same time teach you how to care your present condition and give you useful tips.

How often have a dental visit?

According to dental specialists, each person should perform a general dental exam every six months or depends on your assessment and the dentist about your individual risk at the last visit.

When you come to the dental clinic, you will be examined by a general dentist with the following sections:

  • Periodontal examination – check the gums and the pockets of the teeth
  • Check for loose teeth.
  • Check cavities teeth if you have, or which are broken.
  • Check the bite, the surface on the tooth

After you have examined and cleaned your teeth, your doctor will have a detailed treatment plan if you have problems that need treatment, and tell you when you need follow-up visit. Regular checkups combined with thorough care at home will ensure that you have a healthy oral.

With modern equipment and dedicated team of doctors with many years of experience, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic always give customers a peace of mind when using any dental services here.

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