The implant is an advanced technology in dental treatment that brings you new artificial teeth with the function of real teeth. This method is often applied in case of permanent tooth loss in a long time or damaged teeth need to extract and replaced with new teeth; Effectively gives you real teeth in a fast and durable way in time.

The root of artificial teeth is made of Titanium (which is very well adapted to the human body) that is inserted into the jawbone to form a solid pillar that replaces the real root without affecting your body. .
Newly implanted dental implants that are well-adapted to the body depend on the jaw bone’s features, implantation technique and patient’s dental care habits.
Therefore, from the initial preparation, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has paid great attention to the consultation and examination of the patient’s condition. It is essential to apply the X-ray or CT scan technology from different angles of vision to be able to plan the treatment that suits best your needs.
Choosing the right type of implant is also noted by doctors, as depending on the status of each patient and financial ability that Quoc Binh Dental Clinic always have the best choice for patients.
Implant with porcelain crown restoration is the perfect combination for any area of teeth that just keep chewing function as real teeth and you no longer worry fall out as some solutions previous dentures.
When you do transplant, you will easily notice the great advantages that this method brings:

Implant as real teeth

• Helps restore chewing function and give younger, smoother smile
• There is no need to grind the adjacent teeth (when bridging the bridge) to restore the missing teeth
• Strengthens the teeth to increase chewing strength of the jaw
• Improved voice better.
• Prevent the displacement of adjacent teeth and jaw bone.
• Dental implants, tight as real teeth, bring natural beauty and long lasting
With a team of highly qualified physicians who are constantly updated with world-class methods, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will give customers peace of mind in quality and satisfaction when looking for a beautiful nature of smile.

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