In today’s society, the proportion of the population who suffer from oral health problems is extremely large. Due to bad habits of daily life and dental care, more than 80% of the population is being alarmed about their dental health.

Common problems are tooth decay, gingivitis, pockets around the root and loss of teeth. Causes of many diseases due to limited knowledge of dental care. Many people brush their teeth only once after waking, do not clean after eating, and do not brush their teeth before sleeping. This practice has caused some children to replace their teeth for several years and has 4-5 tooth decay, and the consequences of permanent tooth loss in adulthood are defective in chewing function as well as in aesthetics.

And it is worth noting that most people still do not have the concept of periodic dental examination. Only when the toothache comes to the time of pain, get worse, everyone will go to the doctor for treatment.

Do you ever wonder why your teeth are deeply wounds, black patches or inflammation?

  • It is during the daily activities, after each time you eat, the excess of food and drink left behind, combined to form plaque – stain on the teeth, otherwise In time, brush the teeth to remove the remaining parts, it will gradually cling to and form the tartar, this is a favorable environment for bacteria to live and multiply proliferate.
  • Bacteria will damage enamel, ingrown into dentin and inflammation of tooth pulp, which is the cause of tooth decay.
  • Not only that, it also causes pus, gingivitis and tooth decay leading to tooth loss.

The problem also has a major consequence of the bad smell in your mouth. And is the cause of some other diseases in the body.

General dentistry is a collection of effective treatments and prevention of dental diseases. There are major services such as: scaling, fillings, pulp, tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, periodontal. Helps to ensure oral health from early adulthood to adulthood and adolescence.

The most effective precaution, first is to brush at least twice a day, brush properly to get rid of excess plaque. Note the need to replace the new brush after 3 months of use or see the brush hairs are not strong enough to clean the teeth.

Provide enough water for the body against dry mouth and always have enough saliva, which helps to destroy the developmental environment of bacteria.

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