Porcelain teeth (Porcelain crowns) is a method to help you improve your teeth in case of chapped teeth; Myelitis, worn enamel, tooth decay; yellow Teeth, antibiotic color; This method gives you the alignment teeth and having white light teeth quickly.

Porcelain Crown

We can understand how this method can be used to improve the aesthetics of oral health by using denture crowns made of porcelain, inserted into the real teeth and bonded with a few specialized colloidal materials in dentistry. The porcelain teeth after finishing will become attached to the real teeth, and the colors and shapes are perfect and like real teeth.

Indications when using dental porcelain restorations:

  • The teeth are partly broken, broken of corner
  • Teeth with treated deep holes, or have been treated marrow.
  • Teeth sparse, clear gap.
  • Teeth cluttered, dislocations, deviated between the bite plate teeth (can not be applied orthodontic)
  • Buck-tooth …
  • Colored teeth caused by antibiotics but whiten teeth do not work as expected.

Porcelain teeth is increasingly chosen by many customers because the advantages are as follows:

High aesthetics: with jagged teeth, uneven color, chapped, worn out … you can not confidently show off when meeting with daily communication or meet partners in the work. Therefore, when applying porcelain dental restorations, perfect porcelain crowns have the same size and shape as real teeth, but they help to hide defects and restore the beauty of teeth. This will increase confidence and help you reap a lot of good things in life.

Ensure chewing function: When the teeth are deviated, the wrong bite will make your chewing becomes more difficult, it doesn’t cut when bite the food or that are not broken when chewing the food. Therefore, nutrients can not be absorbed by the body completely. However, when the damaged teeth are covered, the bite will be calibrated, and the chewing force will be better, the appetite will also increase.

Safe for health: Because the material is pure porcelain, it will be safe and benign for the health of the user, extremely high strength, no erosion and no coloring (hence color of food or tooth whitening is not effective with porcelain teeth)… bring peace of mind and comfort for users.

Time to use: If you care for your teeth according to your dentist’s instructions, your porcelain teeth will last up to 12-15 years and can last longer (depending on the type of porcelain teeth)

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has provided some general information about dental porcelain restorations is applied today, hope you can understand better and have the right choice when the need arises.