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Orthodontic braces are a method to correct and adjust the position of teeth growing on the jaw when there are phenomena: jagged teeth, misalignment, teeth gap open…After orthodontic treatment will help the teeth in right position, increase the aesthetics of teeth and more beautiful.
This is a long course of treatment, and affects all teeth as well as oral care habits. Therefore, the patient needs counseling, understanding and well-prepared to be able to cooperate with the doctor for optimal results.

Orthodontic Braces

Objects suitable for orthodontic:
Children 6 -12 years old: At this time, the jawbone of the baby has developed relatively stable, very suitable for correcting deviations and help the treatment process is simpler later. Deviations that are detected early and corrective measures will help the permanent teeth to grow in place, so there may be no need for braces afterwards.

Children 12-18 years of age: This is a period of permanent teeth, the jaw bone grows very fast, and functional or aesthetic problems will manifest very clearly. This is the ideal time for orthodontic intervention.

Adults: Although the jawbone is stable and firm, the subject still needs to intervene in orthodontic treatment if you have problems with chewing, misalignment teeth or teeth gap open… Today’s modern methods are not only effective and also aesthetic throughout the treatment process, so it will not interfere with your work or communication in your life.

Outstanding advantages of modern orthodontics:
Helps bring to patients a more steadily straight jaw and enhanced aesthetic, increasing communication confidence in everyday life.
Braces can combine to recreate the bite to the correct position, improve chewing function better, no pain or degeneration of jaw joints.
The teeth are adjusted to the right place, close the slots, linked more closely, the cleaning of oral care will be easier, prevent diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay, enamel worn.

Refer some of the current Orthodontic braces:
Fixed braces: This is a traditional method, including metal braces, metal wire and elastic bands … all will be fixed on the tooth surface, and the surgeon will manipulate to pull the bow to move the tooth to the position as desired. Duration of treatment is usually 1-3 years but the effect is quite high.

Removable braces: Use transparent trays with hooks or no hooks to squeeze into the mold to gradually adjust the position, at each stage will replace a different set of trays. The method is convenient for patients to use because it can be put out and push in again, have high aesthetic and fit during the treatment, but the orthopedic effect will not be as fast as traditional braces.

To refer the method of orthodontic braces to suit your condition, as well as the cost of treatment, please visit Quoc Binh Dental Clinic for specific consultation and consultation with your doctor.

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