What is Right Dental Care for Children in Preventive Dentistry?

Children grow up every day, every parent loves them and tends to want the best for them. Of course, in addition to having enough material concerns, it is very important to want your child to have good health. And for your baby to have the best development of health, the dental care for children in preventive dentistry is not subjective and superficial.

How is dental prevention right for children?

Quoc Binh  Vung Tau Dental Clinic would like to share a part of parents’ concerns with the following methods of caring for children’s teeth:

  • When a child has not teething, parents should also use a thin, soft, wet cloth to wipe the baby’s gums every day. This can be done during a shower or after breastfeeding. This helps keep your mouth clean.
  • For children who suck their arms from 2-3 months old, you should think about ways not to bend their elbows to bring them to the mouth. For example, take a cardboard tube and put it in the arm, and hold the child’s elbow. For older children, it is possible to rub a substance with an unpleasant odor on the finger that the child often put into the mouth, or wrap the finger with cloth … this is a way to help children not get lost in the teething process. after that.
  • When the baby teeth have teething, we can use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush, brush with clean water or saline mixed in the correct proportion (advice to buy bottles available at the pharmacy).
  • If the baby is older than 1 and a half years, can use toothpaste with low flour content. And each use just take a small amount with the tip of the chopsticks. Instruct your child to brush their teeth and remove them after rinsing.
  • By the age of 4-5, the children can learn to brush their own teeth. However, parents should still follow closely to support their children. This is a good age to imitate, so it should form the right habit for children. Parents carefully guide and observe the child, you can let your child stand in front of the mirror so you can manipulate each gesture such as flowing up and down or spinning on the teeth, tilting the brush when you need to brush. Avoid strong impact on the baby’s teeth and gums because it will easily cause damage at this stage.
  • When your child is about 8 years or older, you can instruct them to use floss to brush their teeth. The purpose of removing excess plaque of food, eliminating the hiding environment of bacteria that cause damage to tooth enamel and unpleasant odor. However, it should be noted that in using flossing, just slide lightly over the plaque and pull the plaque out, not pressing deep down the gums will accidentally damage baby’s gums.
    How is dental prevention right for children?

Apply proper dental hygiene to children from birth and continue with care thereafter. This will form good oral care habits, prevent dental diseases and protect your baby’s oral health.

In order not to waste time and costs for orthodontic later, parents should monitor and care for children’s teeth early. That will help babies have straight, brighter and more confident teeth in the future.

Currently, Quoc Binh  Vung Tau Dental Clinic has programs to care for children in stages, customers can refer directly at the clinic.

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