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Prosthetic on Implant

Prosthetic on Implant

A standard procedure for the recovery of a missing tooth by dental Implant won’t be missing the prosthetic on Implant. So how does this stage play out and how do we do it?

In fact, if you ever know how to restore the porcelain crown on the real teeth. Prosthetic on Implant are also understood similarly.

However, there are differences between these two types.

@On the real teeth, from the period of copying mold to finish porcelain crowns are performed on the real teeth.

@On Implant, the dentist will perform a prosthetic on Implant directly on the implant shaft through an abutment connecting post. And copying mold will be do in the following steps:

  • The dentist will remove this healing cap and replace it with an impression coping.
Prosthetic on Implant: remove healing cap
Prosthetic on Implant: remove healing cap
  • The impression coping with a meaning to help position of the prosthetic on implant need to restore correctly.
  • The next step, the doctor will use elastic material to mark the entire tooth. Including the opposite teeth. This will help technicians make porcelain crowns with specific details and accuracy.

We have two copying mold techniques for prosthetic on implant:

@Direct copying: This is the way which is similar to do on the real teeth. After removing the healing cap, attach the abutment directly to the implant, and adjust the size accordingly.

The doctor will then use elastic silicon to get the mark on this abutment.

This is a fast technique, but the porcelain crown won’t exactly 100% later. The reason: the finishing line of the connecting rod is often covered by the gums, so when making the porcelain crown leads to the situation not close together.

Usually this method can be used for cases of molars, have big healing cap and thin gingival thickness. This will clearly show the gingival margin.

@ Copying indirect:

This technique is divided into two types, which are close trays and open trays. Depending on the composition of the impression coping, they have the following differences:

Close tray: the impression coping will replace the abutment connecting post. Which put on the implant and help guide the restoration of porcelain crowns.

Open tray: the impression coping will be longer than the kind in the closed tray, so it will work with the matching hole tray. The advantage of this technique is that it produces very accurate results.

Prosthetic on Implant: open tray
Prosthetic on Implant: open tray

After copying mold the teeth, how will procedure of prosthetic on implant be done?

After the surgeon has completed the copying mold on implant. All data will be transferred to laboratories specializing in processing restoration.

The technician will pour the plaster molds that simulate your real teeth. Combined with information about the style as well as porcelain teeth color (as instructed by the doctor) for the porcelain crown as required.

The porcelain crown will be fitted and modified until it is most suitable. Finally, it will be permanently attached to the abutment connecting post with special adhesive material.

The result: You have completely restored the missing teeth perfectly in function and aesthetics.

Some notes on prosthetic on Implant:

  • Prosthetic on Implant points to note in the abutment. Depending on the position of the tooth that requires abutment to be normal or aesthetic.
  • Depending on the nature of the gum line, the thickness of the gum layer, which will select the abutment of different gum’s height.
  • Or doctor may be able to make adjustments on the abutment available to produce the desired results.
  • The material used to make abutment connectors is also made of titanium, so it is very safe for our bodies.
  • In some situations with special requirements, the patient may be provided with a porcelain abutment. Or the abutment type is made with a design for your own situation.

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