5 Outstanding Benefits of Dental Implants -

5 Outstanding Benefits of Dental Implants

5 Outstanding Benefits of Dental Implants

The old story, when making dentures people only think of removable teeth or porcelain bridges. Nowadays, everyone will talk about Implant. So, what are the outstanding benefits of Implant, which makes the whole world so excited? Let’s find out the 5 outstanding benefits of dental implants.

Let’s find out 5 outstanding benefits of dental implants. What benefit do you find most “stimulating”?

@ Restore new teeth like real teeth with perfect chewing function.

The structure of dental Implant is made corresponding to the structure of the real tooth.

Also includes: root (Titanium post), neck of tooth (Implant connection), crown (Abutment connection between Titanium post and porcelain crown), but no other type of denture is like that.

When Implant integrate well with the jaw bone, you have a strong tooth and chew comfortably. Restore the feeling of appetite like never lost teeth.

@ Restoring aesthetic for the whole face because of harmony with real teeth

If not considering the origin of materials, then Implant can be considered as real teeth. The porcelain crown on the Implant has the same color and shape as the crown.

They are so similar that you can’t even recognize a denture. This feature helps you become more confident when laughing and talking everyday.

In addition, implants do not affect the adjacent teeth. No need to sharpen teeth (as porcelain bridges), or attach stainless steel hooks to teeth (as removable jaws).

In 5 outstanding benefits of dental implants, a very important benefit that dental professionals often note. That is:

@ Prevent complications of jaw bone loss after losing real teeth

Prevent complications of jaw bone loss after losing real teeth

Normally, when the teeth are lost, the alveolar bone area will gradually dissipate if nothing is anchored.

The main reason is that there is no longer the impact force at that place. Therefore, it does not stimulate the development of the jaw bone at that location.

And even if you use removable teeth or porcelain bridges, the impact force when chewing is only distributed on the gum.

But when implanted, the Titanium post is completely submerged into the jaw area. Create a place to anchor bone and receive impact force when chewing. This limits the losing of the jaw bone. As well as preventing the adjacent teeth from moving back to the empty space that causes the teeth were deviated.

In addition, when the jaw bone is not lost, it will help your face not be deformed. Avoid concave cheeks, wrinkled skin, fast aging.

 But transplants cost too much compared to methods of previous dentures. Is it accurate?

@ It’s unbelievable but the fourth benefit of the 5 outstanding benefits of dental Implant is cost savings:

– Dental implants at the right time will help prevent bone loss. And you won’t lose money for the bone graft.

Note: other methods don’t have characteristics that prevent bone loss.

-The transplantation is only performed once. While making porcelain bridges and removable dentures after a period of use, they must redo, cost more time, effort, and money.

-If you know how to take care and keep it right, Implant can last for decades. While other dentures, after a period of use, will be loose, and force you to replace the new one. Thus, the total cost eventually becomes higher than the cost of Implant.

-Material for Implant is high quality material, fully compatible with human body. After being implanted, Implant will integrate with the jawbone into a solid block. Completely replace the real tooth.

Besides, there is still one final advantage in 5 outstanding benefits of dental implants that you will find unexpected.

@ Implant gives you confidence when pronouncing

When you lose your teeth or use removable dentures, the obvious weakness is the ability to switch airflow in pronunciation. At that time, your pronunciation will be very difficult to hear, or lisp not clear.

When implants, the fixation and close fitting of this type of teeth will help you pronounce more correctly and feel more confident.

So, depending on your needs and practical capabilities, choose the most appropriate method of restoring your teeth.

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