5 Misunderstandings about aesthetics porcelain crown -

5 Misunderstandings about aesthetics porcelain crown

5 Misunderstandings about aesthetics porcelain crown

According to the current trend, aesthetics porcelain crown are very popular. However, there are still many customers who misunderstand or believe in false information about this method. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic hopes that through what is shared here, it will help you more clearly about aesthetic porcelain crown.  

1.Aesthetics porcelain crown causes bad breath

The above statement is incorrect. If you have aesthetics porcelain crown implements properly technique, there will be no bad breath.

Bad breath often occurs when the mouth is not cleaned. Plaque builds up a lot, which is the birthplace of bacteria. And in the process of living they release unpleasant odors.

  • In addition, some causes of bad breath may be due to:
  • Material for making porcelain crown does not guarantee quality.
  • You have not thoroughly treated dental diseases such as tooth decay, periodontitis, root canal treatment … before making aesthetic porcelain crown
  • Or doctors sticking porcelain crowns that are not close to real teeth, accidentally creating openings. At that time, food can be inserted and bacteria grow on it.
  • In addition, some patients are suffering from diseases related to stomach, sinus, tonsillitis … or liver, bile, pancreas … Also make the breath smell bad, and because hearing through the mouth will think is bad breath.

In short, proper aesthetic porcelain crown technology and quality assurance materials will not be the cause of bad breath.

2.Making aesthetics porcelain crown after a few years they will deteriorate and need to replace new ones!

The situation of deteriorating porcelain crown, or needing new ones will depend on the type of porcelain crown you use.

If you choose high quality porcelain like Lava 3M full porcelain, Cercon HT, EMAX … The usage period may be more than fifteen years.

3.Having opinion: “Don’t treat root canal when do aesthetics porcelain crown”. Is is the right advice???

In fact, dentistry has encountered many cases that patients decided not to treat dental pulp when making porcelain crown.

However, you should note some of the following important information:

  • If the tooth has inflammation of dental pulp, or large broken teeth is at risk of dental pulp damage, then treatment is required. And then must cover porcelain crown to protect the remaining tissues of the teeth.
  • Only with completely healthy teeth, but need to increase the aesthetics, it will not need to treat dental pulp.

You need to know that once a tooth has damaged the dental pulp, it will not be able to return to its original tooth. And will not be healthy & solid. So if you don’t agree to clean the pulp chamber, then the inflammation can spread the disease to the adjacent teeth.

Aesthetics porcelain crown making not only brings beauty; It also protects the rest of the tooth from all possible future damage.

4.Making aesthetics porcelain crown is very painful

This view is no longer suitable now.

Because with the application of modern machinery technology, and treating doctors with more than 20 years experience. You will no longer feel pain when making porcelain crown.

Besides, before making them, you will be given anesthetic. So during the implementation period you will be extremely comfortable.

Note: you only need to provide full information about health status; Have you ever had an allergy to any agent; Then the doctor will use the most suitable anesthetic for you.

5.Do not want to sharpen teeth when making aesthetics porcelain crown

In fact, there is no method of porcelain crown without grinding teeth. Unless your teeth are too sparse, and the size of your teeth is too small. When making aesthetics porcelain crown/ veneer, it will increase the size of the teeth and create close fit between the teeth.

If you need to grind your teeth, your doctor will determine the best grinding rate for your actual teeth. This ratio is carefully calculated to always be at the safest threshold.

So, please rest assured when coming to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic. Because for each customer, there will be different rates of teeth grinding. At the same time, it is based on the individual aesthetic criteria of each guest and the actual dental health condition.

Thus, through the specific sharing above, surely you have more peace of mind when choosing for yourself the cosmetic method SAFETY – CONVENIENT – BEST FIT

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