Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown? -

Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown?

Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown?

When referring to information about cosmetic recovery methods for sparse teeth, breakage or color too deep … you can easily find methods such as porcelain crown or veneer. What are the differences, or advantages and disadvantages of each method? Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown?

Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown?

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will provide you with specific information, so you can easily visualize and choose the service that best suits you.

First, we will refer to the situation which the method will be used (Veneer or Porcelain crown):

As information shared in the previous articles, porcelain crown method is applied to all cases need to restore aesthetics for the teeth are experiencing problems such as : chipped, broken… or colored teeth due to the effect of antibiotics (Tetracyclin) that conventional bleaching method can’t overcome. And in case of broken 1/3 teeth, or do porcelain crown in case of excessive wear enamel, raise the bite correction, change the tooth axis, the size of teeth in the case is deviated, imbalanced but need fast results.

With Veneer, we can only apply to relatively regular teeth situations, but are sparse, or less chipped teeth. If the color of teeth are dark, it is also light, but enamel color of the teeth should not be too dark.

Next, we will look at the differences in implementation techniques:

For aesthetic porcelain crowns, the doctors will grind around a crown of teeth some of tissue about 0.6 to 1.2 mm (depending on the condition of the teeth). This is also an important step, because if the doctor does not have the standard technique will be very easy to grind wrong; so with the teeth are good, there is a risk of affecting the pulp. Therefore choose a reputable dental center to perform is the “choose face send gold”.

With the veneer paste, the grinding technique will be very little grinding or no need grinding, so it does not affect the life of the teeth. And note one thing, because it’s just a sticky surface, not a porcelain cube, so it will not change the bite or cause discomfort in the first time.

In terms of technical requirements, porcelain crown will require less rigidity than veneer paste. Why?

Because the teeth are not sharpened or less sharpened, the thickness of the veneer should be extremely thin to match the actual teeth. It can range from 0.2 to 0.6mm, and the steps in the implementation must be accurate and skillful. In addition, lab required to use the perfect material to be able to brighten natural white. Therefore, making veneer porcelain is a difficult aesthetic.

Should choose Veneer or porcelain crown?

Make difficult, cocoon the case to implement. How about longevity between the veneer and porcelain crown?

After the veneer paste is applied, the customer needs to be careful the aesthetic area. This method is not suitable for customers who have a habit of eating hard, tough food or grinding teeth. Because this will break the veneer. However, under the condition of “excellent”, without any negative effects, the life of the veneer can last up to 8 years.

And porcelain teeth, the impact strength is much better, stronger and more durable. Under conditions of good preservation and good material choice, the life of porcelain crown can be over 15 years.

In addition to the above comparison factors, one more factor that you can refer to in order to decide on a service choice is the price of treatment. The cost of making porcelain veneer and porcelain crowns is not the same. So this is also a method of cosmetic restoration luxury.

After information Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has synthesized and shared with you, you probably have the choice for yourself. However, if you still have any questions or concerns regarding the choice of Veneer or porcelain crowns, you can go directly to the clinic for a doctor’s evaluation of your condition and advice the most appropriate treatment.

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