Is the porcelain crowns effective for the widely spaced teeth? -

Is the porcelain crowns effective for the widely spaced teeth?

Is the porcelain crowns effective for the widely spaced teeth? This is a question of many customers who are experiencing in widely spaced tooth condition, and want to have orthopedic results immediately. So please join with us get some information which Quoc Binh Dental Clinic answer this question.

“Hi Doctor, I’m very miserable with my teeth. Please give an advised to help me. I am 23 years old, just graduated and applying for a job. However, I was losing confidence, because my front teeth were widely spaced on both of the upper and lower jaw. When talking, I did not dare to open my mouth because of embarrassment. Can I choose porcelain crowns? If I use porcelain, what kind of porcelain should I choose? Is it durable? Eating difficult? Expecting the doctor answered to help me. Thank you so much. “(Thuy Nguyen, Facebook)

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic: Hello Thuy Nguyen, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is very happy to be trusted and give advice to answer your questions. We would like to answer your situation as follows

The condition of your teeth is very thin (widely spaced), and the size of the teeth is not regular, if you want to have perfect teeth in a short time and not wait for long, the choice of porcelain crowns is very suitable.

The method of porcelain crown is the optimal solution for many situations want to restore the beauty of teeth. The doctor will use the crown to cover your real teeth. Note: These real teeth will be grinded to a small part outside the crown to form a sticky post. The porcelain teeth will have very natural colors, shapes and sizes, just like your real teeth organic cbd nugs.

If do the porcelain teeth, which is the best one? Is it durable?

Ordinary porcelain teeth are highly durable. This durability in the oral environment will depend on many factors such as the material, the type of porcelain you choose, chewing diet and oral hygiene care.

We can refer to some types of porcelain teeth currently used in dentistry:

Metal – porcelain teeth: This is porcelain tooth outside the metal frame. It has a life expectancy of 5-10 years. However, after 2-3 years of use, the metal frame will be oxidized in our oral environment, causing the gingival black phenomenon, quite aesthetic loss to the teeth, and it can irritate the gums if you are sensitive. So at that time, you should replace the new porcelain teeth.

Non-metallic porcelain teeth (also called full porcelain teeth): This is a porcelain no metal frame. Because of this, porcelain teeth will overcome the disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth. It is not oxidized, does not cause black gum, does not irritate the gums. And life expectancy may be 10-15 years or so if you take good care of it.

If you want to choose the best porcelain, you can use Cercon Dentsply (Germany), Zolid Ceramill Porcelain (Germany), 3M Lava Porcelain (USA). The porcelain teeth are made by the most modern CAD / CAM technology, the 3D images will give the highest accuracy.

About eating and dental care:

  • Dental porcelain, although highly durable, but still nature is artificial, it can not be as flexible, elastic as real teeth. Therefore, the durability of porcelain teeth will greatly depend on how well you preserve your teeth through eating chewing. Avoid eating too hard foods, too chewy and avoid sticking to porcelain teeth … will help prevent chipping and prolong life of pocerlain teeth.
  • In oral hygiene also needs to be done properly, following the instructions of the dentist will contribute to increase the life of dental porcelain at
Is the porcelain crowns effective for the widely spaced teeth?

Is it difficult to eat when wearing porcelain teeth?

With this question, very please answer that you are completely comfortable eating. The porcelain teeth are high durability and especially not infected of food color, so after do the porcelain crown you are still eating normally. However, to ensure the durability and long life of the teeth, you should have the appropriate diet as guided above.

According to the above information, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has answered most of your questions. However, to determine exactly the best treatment and the most appropriate cost for situation “Is the porcelain crowns effective for the widely spaced teeth?”, you should go directly to the dental clinic, our doctors will check-up and consultation for free.

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