Should I make porcelain teeth? -

Should I make porcelain teeth?

Why do uneven teeth, decay teeth, deviated teeth or unhealthy teeth make you lose your beautiful smile? Why there is a great solution to help you restore aesthetics on your face, quickly get results that you do not care about? So, “Should I make porcelain teeth?” will be answered shortly.

Should I make porcelain teeth?

As you know, not all of us are fortunate to have bright white and straight teeth. Habitat, diet, daily hygiene also contribute greatly to oral health.

Should I make porcelain teeth?

This thing depends on many situations and according to the opinion of the specialist.

There are those who look on the outside, the teeth are more equal or unlucky than the teeth are deviated, plus the stain is very heavy yellow due to the effects of antibiotics tetracycline. If they do not have a good dental care regime, the risk of tooth loss is greatly increased. And of course about aesthetics they would not be confident.

There are also cases of tooth decay, repaired many times due to broken pieces, and of course the filling is getting bigger. So what to do?

And the cracks in the front side of the tooth, just smile then how many charms disappear.

Complicated situations, deviated teeth, not align, and orthodontic make you too impatient to wait a long time or the application of orthodontics is not feasible, only one main end is porcelain crown..

With reference to just a few of the situations mentioned above, we can see that the need for aesthetics and functional rehabilitation is very important.

With modern technology and techniques, dentists will help you regain confidence and flawless beauty of your smile quickly.

So how do porcelain teeth?

The answer will depend on the condition of your teeth and the purpose of your porcelain crowns. For each situation, we will have different methods.

It is possible to make porcelain bridges, this case applies to situations where you lose one or several teeth, the doctor will grind the actual crown adjacent to the missing teeth and make the bridges.

May stick piece of porcelain, the doctor just grinds the surface of the real teeth and paste piece of porcelain cover. This applies when your teeth are still in good condition but the surface of the teeth is too badly so can’t treatment by normal bleaching.

If you have a cavity, a large broken plate, or an angular crack, you can’t use a regular filler for rehabilitation or aesthetic, you should to do porcelain teeth. This method preserves the function of teeth with high aesthetics, the time use is also longer.

In some situations the size of teeth is not evenly matched, such as the type of rabbit teeth, the method of porcelain crown is often used to adjust the size of the teeth very effectively.

Should I make porcelain teeth?

How long does it take?

Unexpectedly, making porcelain teeth is both effective and fast result. Of course depending on the number of teeth you do, depending on the skill of the treating doctor and the technology of the lab. It usually takes 2-3 days to get a new tooth. Or more quantity may be takes 5-7 days.

The porcelain teeth after finishing will be like your real teeth, from the color, the opacity of the teeth … can’t recognize the difference if they are not you.

Note: You may come to dental clinics 1-2 times to check the perfect fit between your porcelain teeth and the real teeth. The doctor will also adjust the bite between the teeth to the best fit.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic along with the use of high-grade porcelain products such as Cercon of Dentsply (Germany), Ceramic of Zolid (Germany), Lava of 3M (USA) has brought satisfaction and increased credibility for every customer. With good warranty for porcelain teeth, our dental commitment is to bring the perfect smile for your life.

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