Is periodontal disease contagious? -

Is periodontal disease contagious?

The current situation of oral health care has improved. People are more interested in finding out more information. The number of patients who go to the clinic for “prevention rather than treatment” increases. Periodontal disease is also noticed and the question of most customers today is periodontal disease contagious? Where to get the best treatment?

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First, you should know what is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a fairly common disease, but the progression is very quiet, so in the early stages, patients usually do not care and ignore them. Therefore, until the disease is more severe, and appear signs such as bad breath, pus in the root of the tooth, bleeding gums or loose teeth … the patient will be paying attention.

More information about periodontal disease can be found in the article “What Do You Know About Periodontal Disease?” for a more in-depth look at the causes and progression of this disease.

Usually the disease goes through stages like gingivitis and periodontitis. If the period is mild gingivitis, which we care and treatment in time, the disease will be completely without serious consequences.

And if you do not care at the right time, the disease progresses to a period of progressive periodontitis, even if it is treated, it can’t be reversed as it did initially. At this moment, the supporting tissues of the teeth have been destroyed, the teeth have been shaken, the alveolar bone is demolished, and may lose teeth.

Periodontal disease is a disease that can be transmitted from person to person in familiar relationships such as: parents – children, spouses, partners. According to oral health experts, periodontal bacteria can be transmitted by saliva.

Is periodontal disease contagious?

Where is the most effective treatment for periodontal disease?

The consequences of this disease are not only loss of teeth, pain, swollen gums or bad breath … they cause you to lose confidence in communication and difficulty in eating chewing daily. Periodontal disease also has many dangerous complications such as blood infection, temporal pain, cardiovascular and respiratory distress, risk for mothers with low birth weight.

Therefore, this common disease can’t be ignored. If you find any signs of disease, you should go to the dental clinic to be examined and treated in time.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic with modern equipment, always ensure absolute compliance with the regulations on hygiene and safety in health. At the same time, doctors are well trained and have many years of practical experience in the treatment of tens of thousands of complication cases about disease around teeth. Customers will experience the comfort and peace of mind when treating any dental disease here.

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