Why graft bone when have dental implant? -

Why graft bone when have dental implant?

In some practical situations, when the patient needs to have dental implants. Doctors have indicated that bone grafts should be added to the area to be treated. And that made some patients anxious. Therefore, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic should share some information to help people understand “Why graft bone when have dental implants?”

We will first find out some of the reasons why the jaw bone is missing.

After the real teeth are lost, the condition of bone loss the jaw bone will occur very quickly. Or in patients with periodontal disease, progressive inflammation will also cause bone loss. Patients wearing removable dentures or porcelain bridges for a long time will also be bone loss in the missing teeth.

The most obvious, in old people who lose teeth, you will see the expression of not full bone jaw, or in the young, the state of the teeth deviated move to area of the tooth loss. For more information on how teeth loss can cause bone loss, see the article: “Tooth loss and unintended consequences”

So what is the solution to overcome the bone loss gradually? Implant inserts help prevent bone loss, and preserve the aesthetic integrity of your face.

However, although you want to implant right away, but can’t do for situations where bone jaw are missing so much before.

As required in dental implant technology, the thickness of the jawbone must meet the standard of horizontal size, matching the size of the implant to replace the real teeth in that position. Like putting a nail in the middle of a log, it’s going to have a better bearing than a nail on the edge of the board.

Therefore, the full requirements of the jawbone where implants should be based on the following criteria: standard size, good density, adequate width and depth, the implant will integrate well with the jawbone.

And if the jaw bone is too thin, it will lead to insufficient force to support the implant. This is also one of the reasons why implant is excreted and transplant failed.

So what is bone graft?

Grafting bone is a way to increase the density of the jaw, helping the implant to integrate well, and firmly attach to the jawbone. This is the main reason for the need of grafting bone if your doctor tells you to do.

Why graft bone when have dental implant?

Grafting bone is a major technical advance in dental treatment, making implantation more successful with patients suffering from bone loss. And this is a technique that needs to be done by skilled and well trained doctors. Therefore, please note that for such cases you need a reputable dental center.

At present, there are four types of bone commonly used in grafting:

  • Bone of yourself
  • Bones of the same species
  • Bones of different species
  • Synthetic bones.

Some notes after graft bone jaw:

  • Use the medicine as prescribed by the doctor (usually antibiotics from 5-10 days to prevent infection)
  • Proper oral hygiene, as directed by your doctor (note not to brush on the area of bone graft)
  • Rinse mouth with chlorhexidine solution to disinfect.
  • Be especially careful to avoid any collision on the area of bone graft.
  • If you notice unusual symptoms such as persistent pain, swelling and pus, visit your treating doctor right away.

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