Dental implant technology when the full teeth were lost -

Dental implant technology when the full teeth were lost

It is likely that the image of an older person who lost most of his or her teeth has become familiar to you. However, if we previously only know how to do conventional dentures, now with the rapid development of dental implant technology when the full teeth were lost, has helped patients find the teeth again as a dream.

This topic is also an answer to a series of your questions who are planning to help your parents restore the health of chewing food and extend the youthful look on the face.

As you know, through the information sharing of the previous articles “Loss of teeth and the unpredictable consequences”, or “Why graft bone when have dental implant?, we have a more detailed view about serious consequences if you do not know how to maintain good teeth and good jaw.

Up to now, the support for the loss of large numbers of teeth will usually use ordinary plastic jaw, removable plastic assembly metal frame jaw. And above all, implantation has been a breakthrough in preserving the jaw and perfectly restoring the chewing and aesthetic function of the patient.

When patients have a need for rehabilitation, doctors will conduct a check on the condition of the teeth. To find out what treatment options you need, your doctor usually will assign you take X-rays around teeth, X-rays full jaw, or CT Cone beams. Then implants doctor will take a real survey and plan your treatment.

Dental implant technology when the full teeth were lost

Currently, implant prosthodontics when loss the full teeth is known as: Implant combined with denture fixed or removable denture.

Full fixed denture:

You need to place 4-10 implants on each jaw (upper or lower). Then make fixed dentures. In this scenario, if the jaw bone (bone yourself or bone graft) is in good condition, you can make dental porcelain and join porcelain bridges to the positions between the implants.

Advantages: This method rehabilitates chewing food as good as real teeth, long-term use. However, cost is higher than removable denture.

Removable denture:

You need to place an implant or mini implant to maintain firmness for the jaw bone. And these pillars will be a solid support for the dentures attached above. This denture can be removed by inserting several specialized materials (inhaler holder, denture clip with implant head ball attachment).

Advantages: at a much lower cost than fixed denture implantation. However, the durability and comfort of chewing will not be good than a fixed denture.

Dental implant technology when the full teeth were lost

Somethings to keep in mind when implanting a dental implant:

Normally, with long tooth loss situations, the jaw bone of the patient will dissipate quite a lot. For cases of bone loss (more or less), your doctor will advise you about the proper bone types for implants.

Some situations have only a few teeth on the jaw, but not good dental health, when using dental implant method will also be considered by the doctor.

The number of implants will depend on how is well your jaw bone. Four implants can be used if the jaw bone is missing, or six implant are used if the bone condition is guaranteed for implantation. In addition, two implants can be used in combination with a disassembly function jaw, for older patients with deficiency of bone, who are not capable of grafting bone (eg: cost or time of use).

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