How do braces work and how effective? -

How do braces work and how effective?

The most commonly and effective orthodontic methods used today are braces. However, there are many questions about the braces with many types of bracket, how to perform and how effective they are? We would like to share some information to answer this question.

How do braces work and how effective?

What is braces?

Orthodontics using an instrument including bracket and arch wire is called braces.

Bracket is a rectangular block of material, with grooves on the top. When performing dental braces, your dentist will stick the bracket on the tooth enamel surface with a special adhesive compound in dentistry. After being fixed firmly, the arch wire will be placed in the slits of the bracket, and sliding freely in the grooves. They were held tight by the elastic bands or the automatic locking system.

The bond between the arch wire and the bracket will help the teeth move slowly to the desired position. Helps to increase regularity and tightness, balance the bite.

Braces are often used for correction teeth: deviatory teeth, protruded teeth, contrary bite or cross bite …  This method not only has a good effect in improving oral aesthetics, but also restore the chewing function by correcting the bite system properly.

The advantage of the method is that it helps to move quickly, stably, because the extensive force of the arch wire is uniform and does not affect the jaw. In addition, the bracket are durable, easy to replace and not too high cost, so fit the needs and conditions of many people.

The most common types of braces today:

We have 4 types are commonly used today as: metal bracket, porcelain bracket, bracket self-closing, braces embedded the back of teeth (also known as braces front of tongue). Each type has its own characteristics, to suit many different options that still give the best performance.

Metal bracket: These brackets are usually made of stainless steel. With the frame is sure, difficult to break, good traction, good moving impact should support the teeth bending is effective.

With metal braces, the cost of treatment will be minimal compared to other braces. But aesthetically is not high when using this type.

How do braces work and how effective?

Porcelain bracket: In terms of shape will look like metal bracket, but the material is made of ceramic. The advantage of braces is white porcelain corresponding to the color of your teeth, so the aesthetic will be higher than metal braces. In addition, the cost of treatment will increase more than metal braces.

Self-closing bracket: Up to this point, this is the most modern bracket. With a slider system, or metal wing, to keep the cord fixed in the braces, instead of using elastic bands such as traditional metal braces. With this feature, the wire can move freely in the braces, the grip is also more sturdy (to help control the pull of the belt better), flexible release, reduce the maximum friction for the teeth, and eliminate the pain can occur when used elastic bands in traditional way.

Braces embedded the back of teeth: Identification of the location of braces will be different. Brackets will be attached to the inside of the teeth, towards the tongue. This method is quite discreet, because the opposite person will be difficult to see you are wearing braces.

Advantages: High natural beauty. But due to placement of braces is difficult and difficult to balance contraction, more difficult to care than other types. And in order to do this, the doctor must be highly meticulous and the technical skills are high enough to determine exactly the most appropriate point on the tooth.

How do braces work?

Orthodontics is a difficult technique, requiring physicians to be well trained in this field, requiring meticulous and high accuracy. Therefore, the implementation steps must be in accordance with the standards to bring the highest efficiency.

We will refer to the basic orthodontic braces as follows:

Step 1: General examination, check-up and treatment planning. This is an important step because through X-rays, a check on the actual state of the oral health, will help the doctor determine how biased the appropriate treatment plan.

Step 2: Attach the brackets to the teeth. This procedure is only performed when the patient has approved the treatment plan of the doctor. Patients will have oral hygiene and stick brackets on the teeth. The time to wear braces is about 12-24 months depending on the status of the patient.

Step 3: During the braces, the doctor adjusts the traction and directs the changes of the teeth through the contraction of the arch wire. The length of visit will depend on the progress of the treatment.

Step 4: Remove braces and wear retainers. After treatment time and results as expected. The doctor will remove the brackets and finish the braces. However, you still have to wear the retainer to maintain stability for a while afterwards. By the end of the whole process you will have complete teeth, and steady as originally intended.

After referring to the content of Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has shared above, you probably already understand more about the braces orthodontics that you are about to perform. However, every person will be different, so if you have any questions, please go directly to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, for specialized doctors inspection and counseling specific.

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