4 Benefits Of Orthodontics -

4 Benefits Of Orthodontics

Desiring to improve our oral health, we are motivated by our search for the most advanced methods available today. And fortunately, the braces are a great way to help you have a more confident smile. Thoroughly, we can easily discover the 4 benefits of orthodontic treatment as follows.

Orthodontic braces use dental instruments such as bracket (stainless steel or ceramic), wire and elastic bands to help move the teeth. Doctors will coordinate them together to provide gentle pressure slowly moving the teeth into right positions on the jaw. This is the most fundamental benefit we can see.

During orthodontic braces (around 12-24 months), doctors will check regularly for minor adjustments, which really important matter for your final results.

In addition to the above benefits, we have some of other important benefits:

Orthodontic braces help to minimize dental problems

You know, when the teeth are in distorted conditions, buck-toothed, pull-back teeth… will lead to deflection of the bite, and this deviation will significantly affect your health. In some situations, when the teeth are gap-toothed, the food will stick into there, and therefore the bacteria will have the opportunity to arise and cause a lot of harm. Diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease … are a testament to the consequences.

After the orthodontic treatment, the teeth have been arranged neatly and well, the pathological problems are also significantly reduced, especially you already know how to take better oral hygiene care. This is an important benefit that we have achieved after orthodontic braces.

Orthodontic braces help to ensure chewing function, reducing pressure on the entire jaw.

For those whose teeth are bucktoothed, protruding forward will increase the pressure on the jaw a lot. It leads to stress and difficulty in chewing. Typically when the bite is deflected, chewing food will lead to jaw damage and spillover effect causing headaches.

In addition, being unable to bite and chew food well, will lead to food not crushed before being sent down to the stomach, which will increase the activity of the stomach, leading to gastric disorders. Besides, being unable to crush food, will greatly reduce the ability to sense appetite, reduce the enjoyment of the food.

For example, you can’t tear a piece of chicken or a piece of delicious beef steak, you can’t feel the full deliciousness of each piece of broken meat when your teeth crush them.

After orthodontics, the problems will be resolved smoothly. The bite joints have been properly adjusted, restore the chewing function of your teeth. You will be extremely happy to feel the positive change from every operation of your teeth. You feel more delicious, more fun and more comfortable.

4 Benefits Of Orthodontics

Orthodontic braces bring aesthetics and new look to the face.

This is the benefit of orthodontic braces that are easily seen when you use this method. Obviously, the psychological factor is the first effect that has led us to learn and perform orthodontic treatment. No one can be confident in communicating with the teeth “escape” a normal beautiful standard. When you laugh it will be extremely destabilizing and that will be a disadvantage in your daily life.

After the orthodontics, not only the bite has been properly adjusted, but the structure of the face will also be more harmonious. You will have a fairly balanced ratio between the jaw and face according to your own facial features. This gives you more confidence with a new look and is extremely charming.

However, the benefits of orthodontic braces are only truly complete when you perform orthodontic braces in reputable dental clinics, and are performed by well-trained physicians. Although this is a safe and effective intervention, but over-correction (such as too strong traction) can lead to recede gums, bone loss, and loss of tooth life; There is also a risk of jaw joint impact.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, with more than 20 years of dental treatment experience, has served and brought peace of mind to more than 80,000 patients (especially rehabilitation and oral aesthetics). We are conscientious on work and committed to provide the best quality and long lasting effect for every customer.

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