Oral Care When Wearing Braces -

Oral Care When Wearing Braces

Desire to have alignment teeth is the dream of you who are falling into the situation of congenital teeth was misalignment. Then the solution for you is the orthodontic treatment. However, when starting to orthodontic braces, there are countless other questions about how to care for teeth when wearing braces.

Oral care when wearing braces

We have received some concerns of many young people are bringing orthodontic appliances such as:
Do I need to avoid eating any kind of food? Or do I have to give up any habit?
What do I need to do to take care of my teeth at home while wearing braces?

For more peace of mind, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to share some useful information right here:

As you know, when our teeth are in a normal state like the teeth close together, regular teeth enamel, shiny … then the dental care should be thoroughly considered. So with cases where teeth are treated, the care they need to be paid more attention. We have to pay attention to the factors affecting daily oral health such as food, medicines, diseases that need treatment…

And to protect enamel and oral health in general, the choice of foods to use should also take into consideration some of the following: avoid sweets such as candy, sour foods and beverages such as soft drinks, soda…

Because it contains high levels of sugar, or starch turns into sugar, it is a good environment for bacteria to survive and grow, producing plaque on teeth. Just as too much acidic food will also be a factor in tooth enamel erosion. And when enamel is damaged, the teeth will become more sensitive to other factors such as heat, cold or regular chewing activities. If you load the above food, you have to drink more water then, and suffer more oral hygiene care.

For some of you have the habit of biting and chewing large pieces of food such as biting vegetables (biting apples, carrots, sugarcane …) or chewing ice cold, you should give up the habit of damaging your teeth. Sudden and severe effects can damage the tooth surface, cause broken the braces to be fixed; further, the stiff food can cause snagging of the teeth, loss of aesthetics and must pay costly for recovery of the initial state.

What do I need to take care of my teeth at home when wearing braces?

When wearing braces, oral hygiene is more important than ever. Braces have small gaps where they are easy to block food particles and become the center of all bacterial attacks.

Therefore, after every meal, brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste and specialized soft fine bristles. At the same time you also need to use dental floss to reach and remove the remaining plaque in the teeth and openings between the braces and teeth after brushing the teeth with a regular brush. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and look at the mirror to make sure the teeth are clean.

Oral Care When Wearing Braces

Should visit the doctor’s appointment or at any time if the abnormal findings. During the course of treatment, you must follow the instructions of your treating doctor. A small note, while wearing braces, if you do not clean your teeth often, enamel can stain around the braces on the teeth. When you are in this situation, do not worry so much, just come to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic so your treating doctor will help you to take care better of you.

After consulting the information about how to take care of your teeth when wearing braces. Wish you comfort and quickly get the straight teeth as you wish.

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