Attaching The Diamond To Your Teeth -

Attaching The Diamond To Your Teeth

“Bright white smile, sparkling diamond” is what the girls always dreamed. With today’s cutting-edge technology, decoration for beautiful teeth is no longer too difficult for you. Please refer to some information service dentistry about attaching the diamond to your teeth at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic.

Attaching the diamond to the teeth

Putting a fake diamond on the tooth is a procedure with fairly easy step performed at dental clinics. You can go to jewelry centers or jewelry stores to choose your favorite stone, big or small depending on the position and the size of the teeth which you want to attach the stone (usually choose diamonds 1-2 carat)

So how to attach the diamond to your teeth?

When you visit to the dental clinic, your doctor will talk to you about the methods used to attach the diamond to your teeth. Currently, the most common method is create a small hole on the tooth surface that fits snugly against the edge of the stone, and through the steps required to fix the stone to the tooth, the doctor will use specialized glue in the dentistry to bond the stone to the desired location, and at the same time, activate the glue to ensure optimum adhesion. The whole process is only 10-15 minutes.

In addition, it is also possible to use the method of putting stones without making holes on the tooth surface. The characteristic of this method is that the stone will be ground the base and coated on a layer of special material to help maintain shine, reflecting glitter. Stone handling is also simpler since no hole is needed on the tooth surface.

Attaching the diamond to the teeth

Some notes when using this beauty method:

The good skill of the implementer: with the diamonds attached to the teeth by drilling holes on the teeth, the hole drilling techniques are quite important, can not create holes too small or too big compared to the edge of the stone (fake diamond), because it will reduce the aesthetics as well as durability of the link. Need skill and meticulous in this phase. It also limits the use of hole-drilling methods with teeth that do not meet the requirements. Therefore, you should visit to the dentist before deciding to stick diamond to the teeth..

The quality of stone used to attach to the tooth: because the stone will be exposed to the lips every day, so you need to choose quality stones of clear origin to avoid allergic conditions on long exposure.

In oral hygiene: having normal dental care, but it should be milder in the stone area, soft bristle brush may be used. Avoid eating hard foods, strong impact in the attached diamond area.

Through some specific information sharing like above, you can be more confident to make yourself different and attractive with a smile to shine. And the special thing we should note, when you use the method of attaching diamonds to the teeth should visit to the dental clinic is the best, to secure the quality as well as good service. When you come to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, all your questions will be answered and the most dedicated support.

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