7 Common Mistakes In Oral Dental Care -

7 Common Mistakes In Oral Dental Care

In this life, there are many habits or concepts of oral dental care that we still think are true. Today, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic very please to share with you 7 common mistakes in oral dental care.

1.      Sugar is the main enemy of the teeth

Sugar is the main enemy of the teeth

Sugar is found in sweet foods such as biscuits, candies, jams … or starches are converted into sugars, all of which will be a favorable environment for bacterial growth and secretion of compounds that damage tooth enamel, the main cause of tooth decay. Therefore, to protect the health of your beloved teeth, you have to reduce the amount of absorption sugar and time they stay in the mouth too long time.

Need to drink plenty of water to help ease them off, brush after eating and before bed. The best time to brush your teeth is after 20-30 minutes after eating.

2.      No treatment dental disease during pregnancy

If you have such thoughts then have to update the new informations. During pregnancy, maternal resistance decreases dramatically, and metabolic changes in the mother’s body also lead to many oral diseases. Therefore, if there are any signs of bad oral health, you should go to the dentist for treatment timely. You believe it’s safe because the doctor will know what to do and what to avoid to protect the health of both mother and child.

3.      Hard brushes clean the teeth better

Do you wonder why the toothbrush ads now only specialize in soft bristle brush? This is not just advertising the product. According to leading dental experts, soft bristle brushes help to clean the teeth but do not damage the gum tissue during friction. The soft bristle help to slip better in the teeth, and the spinning effect when brushing teeth also helps to massage the gums, making the gums healthier.

And important note, whether your brush looks good, but should replace the new brush after 3-4 months used. Because after that time the effectiveness of cleaning and protecting your mouth will not be the good anymore.

4.      Use a toothpick after eating

Use dental floss instead of using a toothpick

The advice of dental professionals is that you should use dental floss instead of using a toothpick. Because when using a toothpick, there is a risk of damaging the gum tissue, causing bleeding and lead to gum have inflammation. It can also open the space between teeth and food will be more attached.

Dental floss are small filaments that are covered with sterile wax, which helps to removes the residue of food in the mouth that brushing with a regular toothbrush does not remove it.

5.      Having snacks regularly

The snacks are really attractive to the sisters. In a long day of work or study, occasionally sipping some junk food will make the spirit of sisters more cheerful. However, the consequences behind doing that are the risk of damage to your precious teeth.

On the principle, when take in food, there will have the food plaque in our mouths, and that these food particles are a favorable environment for bacteria to inhabit and develop to harm to teeth. Getting snack, you can’t just eat a few pieces and then rinse your mouth right? That is why the food plaque will remain there. And what is next then you already know.

6.      Brush your teeth several times will make your teeth be healthy?

Eating and then must have oral hygiene. If the hygiene is not thorough, then also causes the tooth decay, but eating something and brush immediately, it is also not good at all.

Every day you should brush your teeth at least 2 times as after waking up and before going to sleep. We can add one more time after having a nutritious lunch. Brushing more than 3 times and wrong way will damage the enamel and surrounding gums.

Use a toothpaste that contains less abrasive, and more importantly, should have a fluoride supplement to enhance the health of the enamel teeth.

7.      Often eat hot then drink cold

Which of us has never eaten hot then drink cold? There must have been at least a few times in your life. You can look back on eating hot pot, just bite a hot piece of hot pot to thoroughly flooded into the teeth and then drink sips of ice tea or cold sweet water.

Then do you know what will happen? The sudden change of temperature when exposed directly to the teeth also hurt your beloved teeth. Of course, for 100% healthy teeth, this change in temperature does not directly affect them. But for teeth that are worm, decay teeth, dentin expose, the eating habits above will lead to more sensitivity and exacerbate your illness.

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