Why do you need orthodontic? How will orthodontic begin? -

Why do you need orthodontic? How will orthodontic begin?

Sometimes you will be very disturbed because you do not know when using any service how people will serve you? Is it thoughtful? Is it good? And with dental care is the same. You always want to have a bright smile and correct the defects on your teeth, so try to find out why do you need orthodontia and how will orthodontic begin?

Orthodontic braces
  • Maybe you have a regular but slightly forward jaw?
  • When you laugh the world can see your gums too much
  • Or your teeth are not aligned and crowded together?
  • Or the lower incisor is cover outside the upper jaw…

Of course, if you really care about your beauty and your dental health, you will not be satisfied and always lack confidence with your smile right?

So what to do? You will not need to worry so much anymore, the method of orthodontic dentistry today has achieved extremely high efficiency, and the technology advances will help patients soon have a beautiful smile, and more confident with its straight teeth, and improved chewing function.

Come to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, you will be treated by a team of doctors who are trained in advanced training courses abroad. You will be extremely reassured because of the professional and thoughtful to bring the perfect beauty for you.

Are you anxious to know what your doctor will do on your teeth?

We would like to share some information to help you feel more comfortable with this treatment.

First visit: Your doctor will take sample your teeth, it is not painful. The purpose is analyze the current state of your teeth, such as the shape of your teeth, how far teeth are, the convexity, etc.

You will have X-ray films to document the orthodontic process, will take two shots.

 2nd time: Your doctor will advise you on the procedure for orthodontia, the estimated total time and the cost of treatment. If you absolutely agree with the treatment plan, you will be attached to the braces from this time.

From the next visit: about 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months … you will see the doctor to continue monitoring and calibration step by step in accordance with the progression of changes in your teeth.

The doctor will work on the fixed ligaments and braces that are fixed on the teeth, pulling slowly, bringing the wrong tooth into the correct position without harm.

The early days of braces on the teeth, you may feel uncomfortable, but only after 1-2 weeks you will adapt immediately. Of course, you will have to pay attention to dental hygiene better and more thoroughly than before, the doctor will also guide you how to preserve oral health during treatment.

Using a soft bristled toothbrush combining specialized toothbrushes used in orthodontic, and dental floss is an effective way to protect your oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Advances in orthodontic treatment

So how long will the orthodontic work?

Duration of treatment depends on the specific case, usually from 12-24 months. As soon as the teeth have been placed in the desired position, you will need to wear the orthodontic tool for a while to keep your teeth fixed to the correct position. Therefore, do not be afraid, to get beautiful teeth must be persistent.

After consulting some of the information above, have you felt more comfortable? However, if you still have many questions, please go directly to our dental clinic to see the doctor and consulted specifically for you.

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