Nearly loss of husbands just because of bad breath -

Nearly loss of husbands just because of bad breath

I have a colleague who is a responsible wife, doing all the housework, the children and the company. But recently in our spare time we shared the family’ story, I discovered that she had nearly lost of husband just because of bad breath. It’s hard to believe is it?

Nearly loss of husbands just because of bad breath

After listening to the story she shared, I was startled and contemplated everything around me. It is true that sometimes I feel my breath has an unpleasant odor, but the work is overwhelming, I don’t have enough time, and I also think the little bad breath is not problem, mouthwash with toothpaste is clean fresh immediately.

But after learning more and getting the doctor’s advice, I broke off a lot of information that I had not known before.

Bad breath is both a disease in the orthodontist and may also be a symptom of a disease in another area other than the mouth.

Bad breath has many causes, sinusitis, sore throat, inflammation of the gastroesophageal reflux and about 90% comes from the mouth.

In dentistry, the most common problem is bad breath occurs when the oral hygiene is not clean. Normal way, the excess food in the process of eating is not timely removed, they will become fertile habitat for bacteria to survive and grow. These plaques accumulate gradually in the teeth, collar teeth, and bacteria grow, then they gradually decay the plaque.

Odor appears to be due to the process of breaking down the protein into amino acids and some of the gas compounds are the main component of sulfur. And this is the most obvious sign of bad breath.

In addition to tartar, other inflammatory problems such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis… are also responsible for bad breath. When the inflammation has progressed deep, leading to pus, causing tooth swings, and certainly then your mouth will have a terrible smell.

Do you feel that the morning when we wake up our mouth will be more foul than usual? Dry mouth is one of the causes leading to bad breath.

Dry mouth is one of the causes leading to bad breath.

Because during sleep, almost salivary glands decrease in activity, saliva acts to purify dead cells, when saliva secretion is too little, resulting in the death of the cell membrane in the mucosa tongue, cheeks, gums and decay produce characteristic smelly smells. Dry mouth also occurs when you are undergoing an antibiotic treatment, or the amount of water you drink a day is too small.

So how can we destroy this nasty smell?

Of course cure should treat the root. With bad breath coming from your mouth, you should go to a reputable dental clinic for a check-up and treatment plan in time.

You have tartar, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis … the doctor will thoroughly treat the plaque, kill the inflammation, fill the wounds, treat with medication if inflammation is too heavy. And good news for you, in some cases, just to clean the tartar, the smell has improved or disappears shortly afterwards.

For the causes of bad breath out of the oral dental, you need go to the specialist clinic for the correct treatment.

With advice from Quoc Binh Dental doctors, I have found myself more confident and will be doing serious regular visits for the whole family to protect my family’ dental health well.

HT, Vung Tau 8/2017

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