Remove tartar on teeth, is it dangerous? -

Remove tartar on teeth, is it dangerous?

Remove tartar on teeth, is it dangerous?

Some people feel painful when think about the doctor and the removing tartar from their teeth. They also wonder is it dangerous? Today we will learn more about scaling tartar.

What is tartar?

– Tartar is considered to calcify the plaque of food, bacteria, and dead tissue cells. Causes by poor oral hygiene, these plaques will be a compound by calcium phosphate in saliva, which acts on plaque for a long time will cause them hardened and firmly attached to the teeth.

– Regular tartar will be the same color as your enamel, but for those who regularly use stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, etc …or have a habit of eating a variety of foods, colored drinks will make the tartar darker.

– The tartar are often visible to see by the naked eye, which will make the teeth lose their aesthetics, tartar is also a “drive” bacteria create dental pathology..

 Remove tartar on teeth, is it dangerous?

So scaling tartar is dangerous?

People come to dentistry with a fearful but don’t worry. Scaling tartar on teeth is not dangerous.

Scaling removes plaque from the surrounding area with a dedicated lithium shaver. The shaver is used in accordance with the principles of ultrasonic vibration with appropriate vibration frequency, combined with the shaving tool to create a smooth rhythm.

However, if the scraper doctor is not skilled, or the equipment is not up to standard, it can cause the patient feel pain, or worse to affect the gums, causing damage because it due to the rubbing between the scraper and the gums.

Through the above information, hope you have more knowledge about oral health care and you should remember to perform periodontal shaving every 6 months and combine with proper oral hygiene by the advice of experts, will help you have a healthy teeth and beautiful white teeth.

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