Can pregnant woman fill their teeth? -

Can pregnant woman fill their teeth?

Can pregnant women fill their teeth?

Can pregnant women fill their teeth?

During pregnancy, women with hormonal changes will cause swollen gums, which build-up of calcium and bacterial infections, which can easily lead to decay or gum disease. Some other physiological changes such as cravings for some sour or sweet foods, carbonated soft drinks plus many times a day should be very susceptible to tooth decay. In addition, due to mothers often vomiting, it is a cause changes the pH field in the mouth, tampering with the ability to protect that cause the teeth easy disease.

There are many pregnant women who have cavities but do not fill because of fears affecting the fetus, gradually leading to the condition of the tooth is too large can’t be preserved must be removed. Therefore, depending on the specific condition of the patient and the pregnancy cycle that the doctor will have specific assign whether to fill the teeth or not.

In the first trimester, the mother has to abstain because of new pregnancies, which are prone to miscarriage sometimes only due to mild effects. In addition, the first 3 months is when the baby is developing the body’s organs, the environment in which the baby grows and receives the nutrients it needs to be protected best, avoiding the high-risk effects regarding blood sugar and mother’s health in general. So dental examination or fillings in this period should be avoided.

The third trimester of pregnancy is the time when the baby is fully developed, the fast growing baby causes uncomfortable grinding for her mother, especially when the mother has to move a lot, lay many. Re-examination requires you to walk and lie on the chair for a long time, which can affect the quality of the fillings.

 Can pregnant women fill their teeth?

The general psychology of many pregnant women for fear of affecting fetal health. Because any impact on the mother’s body is likely to affect the baby inside abdomen, including the treatment of dental problems. Therefore, if calculated during pregnancy, only 4-7 months is most comfortable for pregnant women to fill the teeth. At this time the pregnancy has stabilized and adapted to the mother body should be more health in the first 3 months.

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