Loss of teeth and unpredictable consequences! -

Loss of teeth and unpredictable consequences!

Teeth are an integral part of our body. In terms of aesthetics and functionality, losing teeth will have consequences you can’t imagine. Take away the tooth as if you lost the golden door to the defense of your house. Let’s find out in detail “Loss of teeth and unpredictable consequences”.

Oral care is really important. Almost everyone is reminded but may not understand all the reasons why dental experts recommend it.

We can easily understand the function of the teeth as follows:

Teeth have chewing function: This is an important function that determines the quality of your body. Teeth used to bite, tear and crush food before it is put down the stomach. Therefore, if this function is guaranteed to work well, it will help our digestive system to be healthy. The nutrients in food will be better absorbed by the body and the quality of your body will be higher.

Teeth have a aesthetic function: As you can see, the charm in your smile comes mostly from your own teeth. With a straight white teeth, it will help your smile have a strong attraction to everyone around. And this creates more confidence to make you more successful in life.

In addition, teeth also have a quite important function in the pronunciation too. If you look, you will find this quite easy, children who have lost teeth soon will pronounce rather lisp; An adult who loses his or her teeth will also lead to pronounce not correct, especially with words that need to be connect the tongue with the teeth.

So if you lose your teeth, what will the first effect on you?

  • The neighboring teeth surrounding the missing tooth cavity will be easily displaced to the gap, which can be rotated from inside to outside, fill in the gap and sparse teeth and bite defects, damage the rest of the tooth surface.
  • Increases the risk of tooth decay, periodontitis as a result of the teeth are deflected
  • The part of the tooth opposite to the missing teeth usually tends to bounce upward, making the chewing of the lower jaw more difficult.
  • It is extremely important that the area where the missing teeth, jaw bone will disappears. Therefore, you will be able to see people who have lost teeth for many years will often have deformed face, cheeks are more wrinkled or sunken.
Loss of teeth and unpredictable consequences!

Such effects if you observe very little will be difficult to see in a short time. We will have some easy to recognize effects as follows:

  • More difficult to eat, chewing significantly decreased. Food is not crushed well after going to the stomach so will need more squeezing activity here.
  • The adjacent tooth region is more affected by the additional function of the missing tooth. The more active it is, the shifting of the tooth that moves away from the original position will distort the bite, leading to other disorders, such as fatigue or sore muscles and jaw muscles.
  • Pronunciation is also severely affected.
  • The special thing no one said but you easily recognize, is the facial aesthetics. Tooth loss at the front so you will not dare to smile, then you will lose the charm of your smile.

Through some of the information has just been shared, you must have better understanding “tooth loss and unpredictable consequences” has seriously affected our health. Therefore, the good oral hygiene, the habit of caring for dental health will limit the risk of losing teeth. If you are not lucky, you have to fall into the situation of missing teeth, should soon take measures to restore lost teeth to minimize the above consequences.

Currently, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is applying a variety of methods to help restore lost teeth for you. Depending on your status will choose the most suitable method: dental Implant, porcelain bridges, or removable teeth etc…so that even if you lose any teeth will recover it again.

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