Proper Care After Implantation -

Proper Care After Implantation

Overcome many fears, and finally you have completed the new dental implants. However, what is new will be a lot of surprise right? Proper care after implantation will help you to ensure the quality and longevity of new teeth.

Proper Care After Implantation

So how to care after dental implant treatment on the right way?

Immediately after implantation, within 24 hours, you will have signs of swelling in the transplant area. So doctors usually will let you use cold ice packs to put them on this area. This works pretty well to reduce swelling. However, in the following days, you will use warm water to help dissolve the blood.

Doctors will also prescribe analgesics, anti-inflammatory. Therefore, you should follow the prescribed medication so that the wound heals quickly. You can use a mouthwash and toothpaste that contains Chlohexidine to help kill bacteria and help heal quickly. You can also use physiological saline to rinse your mouth in the morning.

On the first day after the transplant, should not eat hard or tough food, should use soft foods.

You note, because dental implants will give you a strange feeling in the mouth, so the tongue habit will often touch the transplant site. So change this habit, do not push the tongue or use your hand to the treatment area.

Do not smoke 2 weeks before implantation and at least 30 days after implants.

Note about time to visit the doctor:

You need to follow the doctor’s appointment schedule.

Swelling or bruising in the surrounding area (cheeks) is normal. However, if the transplant site severe pain, swelling and blood flow more, you need to contact the doctor immediately to be checked again.

Proper Care After Implantation

Some notes after repairing porcelain crowns on Implant:

  • Do not eat or chew right after you are attached to the crown on the implant. The hold time does not affect about 1 hour. After this time you will eat normally, but avoid eating hard foods or bite to tear.
  • If you feel be annoyed by bitting the jaw teeth together, you should immediately notify the doctor to adjust the porcelain crown.
  • For oral hygiene remains is the same, just use a soft bristle brush to remove excess food.

After completing all the procedures and having complete teeth, you still need regular follow-up visits every 6 months, check the implant status integrated with your body, check the chewing force well, check the closure of porcelain crown…and if you have any questions or need assistance, your doctor will advise you on the best solution.

Through the sharing from the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, you probably understand clearly implant postoperative care best to ensure the longevity of the implant most durable. If you still need any assistance, please visit our dental clinic for more details.

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