Does Porcelain Crown make you have a bad breath? -

Does Porcelain Crown make you have a bad breath?

At the sharing of “Make Porcelain Crown, does it pain?”, we also provided you the necessary information to help you completely peace of mind on this modern aesthetic remedies. In this day, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will answer some of your questions about “Does Porcelain Crown make you have a bad breath?”

First, you will find out about the material of porcelain teeth.

Porcelain teeth are a solid material made of non-metallic porcelains (full porcelain) or porcelain layers cover metal frame

The full porcelain teeth have a high aesthetic appropriate for prosthetic areas such as the front teeth.

The porcelain teeth with metal frame are less expensive than full porcelain teeth and they are also durable at first, but they have the disadvantage of revealing the metallic flanks of the inner ribs, which in the long time will lead to blackening of the gums.

Porcelain teeth have a life expectancy of over 10 years. And the quality of the colors, the design is compatible with your real teeth. However, the thing you are interested in here is the porcelain crown that causes a bad breath? The answer is “No”. But only for the cases of porcelain crowns in the right technical way.

As you know, bad breath is a disease that makes people lose confidence in communication. Oral cavity is the habitat of millions of harmful bacteria. According to statistics, more than 90% of bad breath cases originate from a disease in the oral cavity.

Therefore, after make the porcelain crown, if you see signs of bad breath, then we can deduce from the following reasons:

Bad breath has existed before the porcelain crown, but as the subject did not notice, until make the porcelain crown, you care little every day, and attention is poured into this area, you accidentally revealed bad breath.

Attaching the porcelain crown may not be technically correct, not close to the root of the tooth, gingival contour. This gap will be the place where the accumulation of food residues, the environment for bacteria to develop, decomposes the substances that create the smell.

If you select metal – porcelain for restoration, after a period of use, metal – porcelain exposed to the agents in the oral environment will be oxidized, irritate the real teeth and gums, create bad odors.

In addition, the causes of bad breath can come from issues such as gastrointestinal tract, sinusitis, dry mouth due to medication, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral heat, tartar… the hygiene dental is not good.

Therefore, whenever you notice that your breath is bad, especially after the completion of the dental crown, you should consult your treating physician to check the closure of your porcelain crown and true root teeth, check whether bad breath comes from the oral cavity or other pathological signs.

Does Porcelain Crown make you have a bad breath?

The advice of doctors help you maintain the quality of porcelain teeth after restoration as follows:

  • Brush at least twice a day, using soft bristle toothbrush, flour toothpaste
  • Use dental floss to clean up excess food plaque.
  • Use physiological saline (ready to be sold at a pharmacy) for mouth rinsing. Or you can use mouthwash without alcohol.
  • Check your dental health every 6 months to prevent disease.

Oral health care is as important as health care in other parts of the body. Therefore, you need to find a reliable dental clinic, with a team of professional doctors, who are constantly updated with world-class methods to give you excellent quality and stable peace of mind, so that you never worry about: “Does Porcelain Crown make you have a bad breath? anymore.

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