Take dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety? -

Take dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety?

Have you ever fallen into a situation which your doctor will treat your pulp teeth? And just to hear it, your heart is beating constantly? You worried about take the dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety? Please calm down, because the following information will help you understand better your situation.

Tooth pulp is a special organization of blood vessels, nerves … located in a cavity between the dentin. Dental pulp is considered the heart of your beautiful teeth. It is protected by layers of solid fencing around it, so it’s not usually prone to inflammation.

However, when the organization protects the pulp (tooth enamel, dentin …) affected damage, resulting in tooth decay, partially open the pulp and can cause inflammation of this sensitive parts.

Inflammation dental pulp is mainly caused by bacteria in the mouth, which can be caused by a trauma, chemical intoxication, or environmental pressure changes. … Oral diseases have the potential to lead to chronic inflammation such as: tooth decay, teeth abrasion, inflammation of neck tooth, broken tooth too large …

The first stage of the inflammatory disease of your teeth is only mild pain, only a few minutes. And the remarkable feature is that when you eat hot or cold food, sour foods increase the feeling of pain. The pain later on will be more painful, prolonged, especially at night and will cause you trouble to sleep.

There are also cases of acute myelitis: you will suddenly see severe pain when food accidentally falls through cavities or simply eat something cold. The pain spreads to the adjacent teeth. If there is inflammation pus, the patient will be more severe pain, jerky pain like pulse, pain spread to the head. And notice the observation will find that the teeth with marrow inflammation will rise higher than other teeth and seem to shake again.

The consequences of untreated chronic myelitis will lead to necrosis. Inflamed dental pulp will be bleeding congested. Dead pulp teeth will lead to inflame root tooth, topical abscess and complications that can cause tooth loss, inflammation of the bones, and may be harmful to your health.

Take dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety?

The treatment of dental inflammation is also the dentist’s attention. Because of the implications behind the implementation of treatment. There is still the idea that anaerobic bacteria may continue to develop at the top of the marrow and proliferate in the area around the teeth. Therefore, the sterilization and sealing of the tube pulp is extremely important. From the preparation stage, the preparation of the tube marrow to the treatment is very necessary to be performed by a physician with sufficient knowledge and skills. Which is needed to do in the clinic equipped with good standard medical equipment. And need your own cooperation in maintaining oral hygiene.

And the answer to the question “Take dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety?” Will be almost reply backed up by the prestige and quality of the dental care you receive.

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