Care The Teeth After Bleaching -

Care The Teeth After Bleaching

Whitening is a way to help our teeth change the new shirt, clean and white. And that also means, if we do not know how to preserve and protect the teeth, they will not be beautiful for a long time. So “Care the teeth after bleaching”, how is the right way?

Care the Teeth after bleaching

In our daily life, eating habits and oral care are very important to the quality of our teeth. And with teeth that have just bleached, this is even more important. So please refer how best to care after bleaching teeth.

1 / The requirements for dental care after bleaching:

  • Time after the bleaching, the teeth will be sensitive to the impact of the environment is about 48 hours.
  • At this time, you should completely avoid dark foods, avoid coffee, cigarettes, lipstick and some colorful beverages.
  • After a sensitive period of time, if you have the opportunity to use the unexpected food, you must minimize their exposure to oral dental, such as drinking water, use straws, wash mouth with filtered water quickly.
  • If convenient to brush teeth immediately after eating or at least 20-30 minutes later.
  • Brush at least twice a day and use floss to remove excess residues food.
  • Using physiological saline (available outside the pharmacy) to rinse your mouth in the morning, or at night before bedtime will keep your dental environment clean, minimizing bacterial growth.
  • After having bright white teeth, it is important to maintain the clean shade of the teeth with some foods as apples, strawberries, pears, celery … These foods are very effective in cleaning your teeth.
  • Most importantly, follow a dental appointment every 6 months to control the general health of the oral health.

2/ Choose the right whitening method to help you maintain your oral health more effectively

You can use the home bleaching method, the duration of the effect will be long and the effect on the color is not immediately obvious. Although this is a home bleaching method, but you must be instructed, supervised and monitored by your dentist. Because without the specialist’s follow-up, you are not well-prepared for the disease in your mouth, but having rushed through this method can lead to extreme sensitive, or gingivitis caused by the active ingredients in the bleach.

You can choose advanced bleaching technologies such as Plasma in the clinic, which will be more effective, less sensitive and will not affect health. The light rays of the light emitted only activate the compounds in the drug whitening effect brighten your teeth.

Care the Teeth after Bleaching

The optimum benefit to be gained when you are treated at the clinic, which is that your physician will monitor and treat the situation promptly, so that you have a fast bright white tooth, and it also lasts for as long as possible the effective time of whitening.

Currently, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is applying advanced Plasma technology to help thousands of customers own bright white teeth. Bleached used in the clinic are officially imported with international quality, approved by the American Dental Association.

Therefore, the effect of maintaining your white teeth will depend on how well you care the teeth after bleaching. If you still have any questions, please contact us immediately via Hotline 091 483 99 66 or Inbox / comment on our fanpage for immediate support.

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