Why do we have to remove tartar under the gum? -

Why do we have to remove tartar under the gum?

The consequences of bad oral hygiene will lead to many corollaries. And most noticeable is the problem of plaque on the teeth. Tartar is not just a harmless stain, it is a bacterium house and is responsible for many other serious diseases. And this will be the answer to the question: Why do we have to remove tartar under the gum?

Why do we have to remove tartar under the gum?

As you know, the leftover food plaque that has not been cleaned over a long period of time will be calcified and hardened on the crown or under the gum line and formed into a tartar.

You may be advised by a specialist for more specific information, so you can imagine the type of tartar.

Tartar on the crown: This type of tartar is usually white, opaque to the tooth enamel (at the time of new appearance) and turns yellow, brown, reddish brown. They cling to the crowns, neck of teeth, which when you look at the mirror will be easy to spot. They are easily removed by conventional scaling system.

Tartar under gum line: This type is considered to be very harmful to our dental health. Because they lie deep under the gums, causing gingivitis, periodontics, bad breath … that even clean brush can not be removed. Only when you go to specialist clinics, and treated with specialized scraping equipment, they can be solved.

Removing tartar on the crown or tartar under the gum is very important in the care and maintenance of each person’s oral hygiene.

Some diseases caused by tartar:

Tooth decay: In the oral environment, bacteria have thousands of different types, and in particular bacteria live in the plaque, plaque is the main cause of dental disease. Their mechanism of action is based on our bad habits every day. For example, food particles contain lots of starches and sugars, if we do not clean it, the bacteria will ferment them and produce acid that destroys the inorganic, organic compounds that cover the teeth (enamel, dentin …)

Teeth still regrowth enamel, but that rate is very slow and can’t compensate for the damage of bacteria. Therefore, the destruction of bacteria that cause loss of minerals will leave countless holes on the enamel surface, creating black holes. This is the sign that you can see the caries.

Gingivitis, periodontitis: you may have read the “What do you know about periodontal disease?”. And it must have been known in the course of the development of the bacteria, which released some of the toxins make the gums weak, damaging the bond between the gums and the teeth. This causes gingivitis, swelling of the pain and bleeding. If not treated promptly, will cause gum recession and bacteria have the opportunity to penetrate deep below causing periodontal inflammation, tooth bone inflammation and tooth loss can occur.

It is such terrible things above, the processing of removing tartar or tartar under the gum is very necessary.

However, not all shaving tools can handle tartar under the gums. If you use a conventional machine, you can only remove tartar on crowns. And in the depth of the tartar, only ultrasonic scraping machines can be fully remedied.

So how is this device miraculous?

  • Ultrasonic scaling technology uses ultrasonic waves that have electromagnetic induction, dissolve inorganic compounds and soft deposits. Tartar under the gum will be destroyed gradually during the moving of the tool’s nose.
  • You needn’t to fear the impact of nasal ultrasound to hurt real teeth. Because ultrasound only recognizes inorganic plaques (inorganic salts), it does not damage the gum tissue.
  • The tool tip is specifically designed for each region. Therefore, the machine can destroy tartar under the gum in many areas in the mouth.
  • Processing time will also be significantly reduced, and will not cause any pain or discomfort.

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