Is it okay to have tooth extraction while pregnant? -

Is it okay to have tooth extraction while pregnant?

Is it okay to have tooth extraction while pregnant?

You should remember that even if you are pregnant, you should not stop taking care of your teeth. In fact, pregnancy is an important period that requires careful monitoring and control of oral health. So is it okay to have tooth extraction while pregnant? Find out the answers below.

Why is there a higher risk of dental disease during pregnancy?

During this period, not only will your appearance change, but the increase in hormones will contribute to changes in oral health. They can make your gums more prone to inflammation.

Besides, the amount of calcium in the mother’s body is constantly changing, due to the needs of the fetus to use for bone development. Therefore, if not fully supplemented, it will affect the pregnant woman’s jawbone.

In addition, during this period, the amount of saliva secreted is also less than usual, so it cannot help prevent strong tooth decay.

“Why are pregnant women prone to dental disease?”

Is it okay to have tooth extraction while pregnant?

Pregnant women can still extract teeth if maintenance cannot be done. This is the dentist’s final choice.

Because if the tooth is seriously damaged, the infection is severe, and it affects the health a lot, it should be removed so as not to cause complications.

The time when a tooth can be extracted will largely depend on the ability to maintain or damage the tooth. This solution can be used during the second trimester, or whenever it is deemed urgent by your doctor.

Is tooth extraction while pregnant safe?

If there is a dentist’s appointment that needs to be extracted, then the doctor will certainly apply the best protective measures for pregnant women.

Some notes when needing to extract teeth:

  • X-rays: although dental X-rays are considered safe for our body. And if you only take 1-2 scans, the amount of radiation is not high enough to cause any effect on the development of the fetus. But doctors still recommend limiting exposure to them in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Except in cases where it is necessary to diagnose through images to treat teeth effectively in urgent cases.
  • Oral medications: pregnant women can still take pain relievers and antibiotics but must follow the doctor’s prescription. Because today, there are still many drugs that are safe for pregnant women.
  • Anesthesia: when a tooth is extracted, you will definitely need an anesthetic. You need to tell your doctor about your medical history, pregnancy status so that the doctor can use the right medicine, and the right dose.
X-rays are safe for tooth extraction while pregnant
X-rays are safe for tooth extraction while pregnant

Taking care of and protecting good oral health during pregnancy is always the right action to help protect the fetus.

Pregnant women remember to practice proper oral care habits to reduce the risk of dental disease.

  • Use a brush with soft bristles and a toothpaste with added fluoride.
  • Floss to clean food particles left between teeth.
  • Can use more physiological saline to rinse the mouth to help clean the maximum oral cavity, reduce swelling of gingivitis.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after vomiting. Because the acid in the stomach has just spewed out, it can soften the enamel, and if you use a brush at that time, it will erode the enamel. It is best to rinse your mouth with water, and brushing your teeth after 20-30 minutes is reasonable.
  • Periodic dental check-ups, tartar removal, and tooth decay treatment should be performed before planning to become pregnant. Visit to remove tartar in the 2nd trimester. Or whenever you find strange signs in your teeth, you can still go to the dentist for treatment.
Regular dental check-ups help check the best oral health
Regular dental check-ups help check the best oral health

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