The role of CT Cone Beam in dentistry -

The role of CT Cone Beam in dentistry

The role of CT cone beam in dentistry

CT Cone Beam (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is one of the most modern image analysis systems used in dentistry. This system includes mechanical devices and software to collect data and analyze it to produce 3-D images of teeth, jawbone, neural tube, etc.

Especially in dental centers with dental implants, this CT Cone Beam system is essential.

The role of CT cone beam in dentistry

With the combination of scanner system, computer, analysis support software… will produce clear 3-D image results that accurately show your jawbone structure.

From there, the dentist will make an accurate diagnosis and plan treatment.

Films obtained from this system will apply to cases

  • Dental Implants.
  • Orthodontic braces
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth, complicated underground teeth
  • Endodontics difficult and complicated
  • Detection of tumors in the maxillofacial region, maxillary sinus disease, or temporomandibular joint disorders

Note: image analysis results from CT cone beam are very useful before dental Implant. Because it shows in detail and accurately the area to be operated on, it helps the doctor to plan the safest and most effective treatment.

Outstanding effectiveness that CT cone beam brings in dental treatment.

1/ Dental implants

Because this is the most advanced solution available today, it helps to restore a new tooth with a structure similar to a real tooth. Not only brings durability in chewing, but also ensures the aesthetic like real teeth.

However, to do this, the doctor needs to place the titanium root post into the jawbone. In addition, an additional jaw bone graft may be needed if that area is lacking bone. In particular, to ensure safety, the Implant does not press on the neural tubes in the jawbone.

Therefore, it is required that the doctor properly assess the condition of the transplant area.

CT cone beam film helps the doctor to observe in detail, honestly, and accurately assess the condition of the implant area that no previous film analysis solution can do.

2/Effective in endodontic treatment

Root canal treatment of a tooth is not easy.

If the previous periapical film was limited in many aspects when it was necessary to properly describe the condition of a tooth with many roots, many canals, complex damaged teeth… Then with CT cone beam film all the above problems are fully processed.

The endodontist will rely on the 3-D image of the tooth to be treated, can analyze the number of canals, curvature, calcification status, even the smallest root crack lesions… provide more efficient solutions.

3/ Effective application in orthodontic braces

The enlarged, multi-dimensional image helps the orthodontist to have more accurate information about the occlusal status, jawbone, position of the teeth, the condition of the teeth, etc. From there, giving each step of appropriate treatment throughout the process of orthodontic treatment.

Is a Cone Beam CT scan safe? Is there anything special to note?

This is a specialized system for molars. With the advantage of reducing the amount of radiation emitted compared to the CT system used in medicine from 10 to 17 times. Therefore, if performed correctly, the technique will be considered quite safe for users.

Some notes when taking CT Cone beam film:

  • The machine operator technician needs to guide the customer to perform the necessary requirements before taking the film.
  • Determine the health status in pregnancy or not with female customers.
  • Instruct customers to remove metal items on the jaw area, such as earrings, glasses, removable jaws, etc… to reduce scattering.
  • Instructing the standing/sitting position and how to place the teeth in the specified area.
  • Lead jackets can be used in cases of necessity.
  • Notify the time of filming so that customers feel more secure and mentally stable.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is a center for dental implantation and intensive facial treatment in Vung Tau. The place gathers a full range of modern equipment, meeting the maximum demand for accuracy and safety.

Modern CT Cone Beam system at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic
Modern CT Cone Beam system at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic

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