Aphthous stomatitis - things you should know -

Aphthous stomatitis – things you should know

Aphthous stomatitis - things you should know

An aphthous stomatitis is not too strange for everyone. Most people have had several times in their lives. This is not a serious illness, but it is extremely annoying for people who are suffering from it. An aphthous stomatitis can be prevented if you know how to eat and rest properly.

Surely there will be people around you who are experiencing mouth sores, or a sign like a moon in their mouth; They cause pain even if only take a sip of water. The pain of a fever is making you eat poorly, have trouble sleeping, and don’t want to open your mouth to talk. Because all will just be an extremely painful sensation struck.

Are you curious to know more about this aphthous stomatitis?

The first piece of information will help reassure you, with aphthous stomatitis fever most people encounter several times in their lives, so you’re no exception. Many people still encounter it often, 1-2 times a month.

Manifestations of the disease are easy to see. The inside of your mouth will initially appear small blisters, and they are very fragile. Usually will be inside the cheeks, lips, tongue or gum.

After rupture will leave a shallow sores in the oral mucosa, round or oval. Diameter from 2-10 mm, clear edge, light yellow bottom, surrounded by a bright red border. This shallow sores causes pain when moving the mouth (speaking or eating). People also call this the moon.

An aphthous stomatitis does not cause a fever, does not cause swollen glands, and usually resolves on its own. But if you don’t know how to take care of them properly, they can potentially become inflamed and cause a lot of fever.

Aphthous stomatitis causes pain and discomfort in the mouth
Aphthous stomatitis causes pain and discomfort in the mouth

The opinion of many people is that aphthous stomatitis comes from a hot body. Is that true?

Many people define hot body as a result of you eating too many foods high in sugar, or too spicy, drinking too much alcohol…

However, according to medicine, there are many causes such as an aphthous stomatitis, can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Due to decay, inflammation around the teeth, inflammation around the tip of the tooth, pulpitis…
  • Due to trauma such as falling on the cheeks, or accidentally biting the lips, cheeks while eating.
  • Due to bacterial or virus infections.
  • Due to the reaction between the oral cavity and certain substances in toothpaste, mouthwash; Or a diet lacking folic acid in pregnant women.
  • In addition, stress can also increase mouth sores.

Is it possible to prevent aphthous stomatitis?

Aphthous stomatitis is a benign disease. So maybe that’s why people are often subjective and not preventive. However, if anyone has ever suffered from the disease, then the days of aphthous stomatitis really won’t go away easily.

So if you want to minimize their appearance, the first advice for you is always: drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh vegetables, and minimize stress.

For those who have repeated problems many times in a short time, you need to see a doctor. Let your doctor help you identify the right cause and offer appropriate treatment.

@ If there is a mild ulcer, the disease can be shortened by:

  • Keeping oral hygiene clean,
  • Strengthen resistance (take Vitamin C), supplement with B vitamins,
  • Taking analgesics, anti-allergy…
  • Using some natural antiseptics also helps protect you from the risk of an aphthous stomatitis. For example, green tea helps prevent an aphthous stomatitis. And reducing the impact of this disease makes you more comfortable.

@ If you have a serious infection, diffuse inflammation, weakened body … then you need to be treated as directed by your doctor.

Note: pathologies that occur in the mouth, want to minimize harm, the factor of maintaining oral hygiene is always on top. Need to choose the right toothpaste containing natural ingredients is best.

Thus, aphthous stomatitis is a benign disease that causes discomfort and inconvenience in your daily life. Refer to the many useful information that will help fight this disease.

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