How to handle broken tooth situation at home safely to remember -

How to handle broken tooth situation at home safely to remember

How to handle broken tooth situation at home safely to remember

In addition to tooth decay, broken tooth is a common condition in people. Broken tooth not only causes aesthetic loss, reduces chewing function, but also causes soreness or prolonged sensitivity. The causes of this situation and how to handle it quickly and safely at home need to be remembered.

In some cases, severe broken tooth can cause soreness, or sensitivity, that is very uncomfortable. And if not treated promptly, the risk of turning to other dental diseases is more serious. Therefore, to protect the oral health in the best way, you should find out information and ways to save the broken tooth.

  1. Broken tooth can come from many of the following reasons:

Accident at the jaw area. When the teeth hit hard materials such as hitting, falling, car accidents … causing cracking, chipping.

The habit of grinding teeth. This can occur uncontrollably during sleep, resulting in worn teeth, weak enamel, and cracking when biting hard objects.

Bite hard objects. This is also a bad habit that many people suffer. Such as using teeth as the bottle opener, chewing ice cubes, biting hard crust of foods ….

Broken tooth due to biting hard objects.
Broken tooth due to biting hard objects.

High abrasive food. When you eat foods that are high in acidity (high acidity) like mango, lemon ….Or even carbonated soft drinks, they will cause your tooth enamel to erode quickly. Then the outer protective layer will weaken.

A calcium-deficient diet also makes bones and teeth not strong.

Or you have other dental problems. Such as tooth decay, inflammation of dental pulp, .. then the teeth will be more sensitive and easily damaged.

  1. Does the broken tooth get annoying for you?

In fact, there are many people who have a broken tooth in life. And with broken tooth, they will make you lose the comfort of daily activities.

In particular, with the teeth are playing a major role in chewing food. Broken tooth will make this function worse. Food will not be crushed, not prepared well before drifting down the stomach. This makes the digestive system more active. Over time, it also makes the body tired.

Looking at another aspect, the location of broken tooth creates sharp edges; They can cause tongue damage if the tongue accidentally collides while chewing or talking.

If the broken tooth is not treated early, there is a greater risk of damage. The chipped area will get bigger. And will affect the whole tooth such as soreness, sensitivity, tooth abscess … or cause the risk of infection of the pulp chamber. The result can be loss of teeth and damage to the jawbone.

  1. So how to handle broken tooth at home?

  • The first thing to do: you should remove the debris from your mouth.
  • Do not touch the cracked teeth with your tongue or hands. Because when the tooth has just broken, the edge of the tooth will be very sharp, which may damage the tongue or the hand.
  • Retain tooth fragments if they are large and go to the dentist immediately for help. The dentist will probably help you clean and attach debris to your teeth.
  • Gargle with diluted salt water to help clean broken tooth. For some large areas, you need to bite off a clean cotton ball to cover the affected area and see a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Another way to help you treat the chipped area at home quickly before you visit the clinic: cover the broken tooth area with dental wax.
  • If you are eating and have a broken tooth, avoid impacting the area. Should eat soft food.
  1. It is quite important that young people today care. That is the understanding of the radical methods of treatment of broken tooth at reputable dentistry.

@Smoothly sharpen the sharp edge of the tooth area. If the broken area is very small, the dentist can smooth the sharp edge of the tooth. This action helps to limit the area of ​​the broken tooth that gets bigger, and prevents the possibility of damage to the tongue.

@Fill in the broken tooth area. If the chipped area is not too wide or too deep, the dentist will refill the area. With the purpose of preventing bacteria from invading and causing inflammation. Preventing foods creates an environment for bacteria to grow.

@ Stick the debris into the broken tooth. This is only done when the debris is large, and the broken part has not damaged the root or dental pulp. At the same time debris must be well preserved, not damaged before gluing.

@Porcelain crown protects the remaining tooth tissue. With heavy broken tooth, but the body is still more than 1/3, then the use of ceramic crowns will help protect the remaining tooth tissue. At the same time restoring aesthetics very well. Porcelain crown look as natural as real teeth.

@Remove the broken tooth and restore with Implant teeth. This is the case for the treatment of highly damaged teeth that cannot be preserved. Dental Implant is the most advanced and excellent solution to help you restore healthy teeth.

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