3 Important factors affecting the cost and quality of implants -

3 Important factors affecting the cost and quality of implants

3 Important factors affecting the cost and quality of implants

When you refer to the methods of restoring teeth, usually implant solution is always mentioned first. However, how to assess the quality of service? Here are 3 important factors that affect the cost and quality of implants you should be concerned about.

Professional skills of doctors, facilities and medical equipment at the clinic, quality of Implant pillar; These are the three most important factors that determine the quality of implants.

Basic structure of a dental Implant usually consists of 3 parts.

  • The body of Implants, replace true tooth. It is made of Titanium, is a benign compound and biocompatible with the human body. Our bodies receive them and see them as part of the body.
  • The abutment serves as the link between the top crown and the implant below.
  • Restoration on Implant is porcelain crown. We can make metal porcelain crowns, titanium porcelain crowns or all-porcelain crowns.

Note: You need to have a thorough examination before deciding to perform dental implants. Often your doctor will order blood tests and a 3-dimensional CT scan of the jawbone.

From that result, you will be scheduled for the most appropriate treatment.

3 Important factors affecting the cost and quality of implants

@The professional skill of the doctor.

This is a very important factor, so patients should learn and put their faith in the right place.

The dentist performing dental implants must receive specialized training in dental implants. They need to be experienced and knowledgeable in all possible situations and handle them best.

Always learning to update advanced technology in the world, contributing to the highest quality of treatment.

Especially for patients with jaw bone resorption, jaw bone grafting will be applied. The purpose of rehabilitation of jaw bone meets the criteria for dental implants. This technique is safe and effective only when performed by a qualified and experienced physician.

@ Facilities, medical equipment at the clinic.

An advanced standard implant center will be equipped with CT cone beam film system.

  • Help the doctor accurately diagnose the patient’s jaw bone condition (thickness, height, density, bone deficiency or not …)
  • Determining the most suitable type of Implant.
  • Determining the direction of the Implant.

In addition, a separate operating room is required to meet aseptic standards in transplantation.

CT cone beam machine helps improve the quality of Implants
CT cone beam machine helps improve the quality of Implants

@ Quality of implant pillar.

In fact, in the world and in Vietnam, very diverse types of Implants. There are many types of implant products for you to choose.

And of course, product quality will not be exactly the same. There are products with high quality such as Straumann, Nobel or mid-range such as Tekka, JD, MIS … Or products from Korea can meet the simplest requirements of customers.

Quality assessment criteria usually lie in the part of manufacturing materials, the ability to integrate jaw bone, design structure…

What factors help improve the quality of implants?

In addition to the three main factors above, the quality of implants is improved when porcelain crowns are made from high-end lab systems. This is the place making the high quality, beautiful and durable crowns.

Add an element that many customers are interested in; that is the postoperative care regime and product warranty. Helping patients feel secure and well cared for, re-examination periodically and prolonging the use time can be lifelong.

Quoc Binh Dental Implant Center in Vung Tau is confident to bring customers the best quality of Implants.

  • Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is one of the first few specialized dental centers in Vung Tau.
  • The first place to perform dental Implant in Vung Tau city. Helping over 10,000 patients regain healthy teeth.
  • This is a medical examination and treatment center, restoring Aesthetic Dentistry with high quality standards. Giving patients the peace of mind and comfort of treatment for over 20 years.
  • In addition to constantly improving the skills and expertise of the team of Medical Doctors; Quoc Binh Dental Clinic also upgraded the infrastructure system to meet the requirements of most customers.
  • Equipping more specialized and advanced equipment, bringing accuracy and convenience in the process of medical examination and treatment.

For accurate assessment and find the suitability for your status. Come for a free check-up and consultation by a specialist dentist.


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