Bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction, is it normal? -

Bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction, is it normal?

Bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction, is it normal?

Bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction with a very small amount of leakage from the first day to second days is normal. However, if you see a lot of blood flowing; Or the bleeding time lasts more than three to four days, you need to return to the clinic.

After extractions, our bodies usually stop bleeding after 30 minutes to an hour. And about 24 to 48 hours later, a few drops will come out of the wound. You will see saliva mixed with a little pink color. This is a non-dangerous situation. But if bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction with a large amount, there must be a serious problem you need to see a doctor.

Why is there bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction?

Following the body’s natural mechanism, after pulling any tooth, you will also experience bleeding. Especially extract wisdom teeth.

For this tooth, bleeding may be more and longer, if you don’t know how to handle it. The consequences can lead to complications that cause inflammation in the tooth area that has been extracted.

Some causes of bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction:

@ During the extraction process, blood comes from lesions in the gums and blood vessels in the mucosa. Or teeth are suffering from diseases of periodontitis, dental pulp

Some cases of large crowns and root of the teeth are located deep inside the jaw. Need surgery to get teeth. Or have to slit more gums, making blood more coagulated longer than usual.

@After wisdom tooth extraction, often bleed due to:

The patient chewed strongly, bumping into the position of surgery.

Patients are suffering from diseases such as coagulopathy, too thin blood, or hemangiomas in the jaw… Or they are taking anticoagulants.

The clinic always pays attention to women who are in their menstrual period, so they should not remove teeth because they also cause more bleeding.

In addition, when the body is deficient in vitamin C, it also causes bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction.

In addition, during the extraction process, if the doctor does not thoroughly treat the infected tissue; Or there is an object that falls into the hole, or has a tooth follicle that has not been cleaned yet … It also causes bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction.

Bleeding according to the natural mechanism of the body, blood will freeze after 30-60 minutes. But if your body does not suffer from the above diseases; and if there is a continuous bleeding of many days, you need to go to the clinic immediately for treatment.

So what to do to stop bleeding after wisdom teeth extraction?

It will depend on each cause that we have different treatment.

@ Bleeding by natural mechanisms, just bite the sterilized cotton wool for 30 minutes. Quoc Binh Dentistry always sends you sterile cotton after extraction. If you are concerned, your doctor may prescribe medication to stop bleeding.

@In case of bleeding after prolonged extraction, you should not arbitrarily handle it. Go to the dentist immediately.

The doctor will check and determine the cause for the most appropriate treatment. In some situations, X-ray film will be needed.

Important notes that you need to keep in mind.

Regardless of where to extract teeth, especially when wisdom teeth are extracted, attention should be paid to:

@ Avoid strong movement. Do not chew hard or tough foods for the first 1-2 days after extraction. Especially not touching the area that has just been extracted. What you need to do: you should rest after you have extracted your teeth until the bleeding stops.

@ When you are biting a cotton, you should not spit, not gargle. Or do not eat or drink because it will affect blood clots. After 48 hours since the extraction, you can rinse your mouth with diluted saline to disinfect and help reduce swelling. Note: don’t rinse salt water right after tooth extraction.

@ Do not touch the tooth area that has been extracted by hand, by tongue or other objects. To avoid persistent bleeding.

@ Another note that many people ask: after the extraction of teeth, does it hurt?

Feedback is as follows: when the numbing medicine stops working, you will feel pain, the cheek area corresponding to the location of the tooth extraction will be swollen.

Knowing this in advance, the doctor may tell you when you go home, apply ice cold on the outside cheek area on the first day. You can do it many times a day. But from the second day onwards, you should apply warm water to help dissolve the bruising blood.

@ Adhere to the prescription medication of the treating doctor.

@ Absolutely do not smoke, drink alcohol because it can cause infection, prolong healing time.

In addition to hygiene care, eating should also be noted to reduce bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction.

@ You should eat soft, liquid food in the first 1-2 days after extraction. Can be thin soup … To avoid lack of substance, you can add juice, vitamins, yogurt … to improve resistance.

@ Limit foods that are too hot, too spicy or too cold to reduce irritation to the receding gums.  

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Thus, bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction may be normal, but it may also be a dangerous complication.

Therefore, after pulling out the tooth, you need to pay attention to follow up, and come to the dentist to handle it in time if there are abnormal signs happen.

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