4 Things you often care about when wearing retainer after braces -

4 Things you often care about when wearing retainer after braces

4 Things you often care about when wearing retainer after braces

The retainer after braces looks very simple but plays an extremely important role. They help the results of orthodontic was stabilized. However, most of you, when asked by a doctor to wear a retainer after braces, always have the following questions

  1. Why do I need to wear the retainer after braces while I see my teeth are beautiful?

As you know, when using braces, it is necessary to move the teeth in the wrong position to the desired position. That means you are forcing the teeth to move.

After a long period of 12-24 months, more than 90% of the teeth accepted the new position. But in fact, jaw bones, gums, and periodontal ligaments all need another 6-12 months to stabilize. Therefore, for orthodontic results of braces to achieve the highest efficiency, the doctor will ask you to use retainer after braces.

4 Things you often care about when wearing retainer after braces
4 Things you often care about when wearing retainer after braces
  1. How long does it take to use retainer after braces?

The answer on the time to use the retainer will depend on the condition before the braces, and the status after the brackets are removed. In some of you, the process of using this maintenance function will be very short, but some others will be a little longer.

With healthy teeth and gums, bones have grown steadily. Then you can use the retainer after braces for a period of 3 months.

With the teeth in the jawbone is not strong, easy to move away, you need to wear longer. Maybe 12 months or more. Because of that, the results of the teeth are beautiful. In this situation, it is often more convenient to use removable transparent trays.

And in normal patient conditions, the duration of this process ranges from 6-9 months.

  1. During the process of using the retainer after braces are uncomfortable or painful?

If you just start braces, in the first week after attaching brackets, you will feel a little uncomfortable. Because at time, the teeth are being affected to move. But after your body gets used to it, you will feel completely normal.

As for the time to use the retainer after braces, you immediately feel comfortable. Because at this time, the teeth don’t need to move, just need to fix the new position. The retainer jaw will not cause you any problems.

  1. What are the notes when using retainer after braces?

Whenever you use a product or service, there will be some points of interest. The same for this retainer.

If you want to have beautiful orthodontic results, then it is absolutely necessary to comply with the instructions for using retainer after braces.

@ Adhere to the time of wearing the retainer as directed by the doctor. You can wear 24/24 hours, or several hours a day. This depends on the level of actual stability of each person.

@ Clean the retainer after braces help protect teeth better, and also protect the quality of maintenance jaw.

@ Operation wear the retainer needs to follow the instructions correctly, to avoid damaging the gums and oral mucosa. With fixed retainer jaws that are firmly attached to the teeth, it is extremely convenient. But the type of fixed retainer is only used for some special cases.

Thus, the use of retainer after braces is not too complicated, is it? You have come a long way to get good results. So try a little more, so that the result will last forever.


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