Is the retainer jaw after orthodontics important? -

Is the retainer jaw after orthodontics important?

Is the retainer jaw after orthodontics important?

During orthodontic braces, after the teeth are neat, you will be removed the braces. However, this is not the last step. To help stabilize results, you will be able to wear a retainer jaw. So what is the effect of the retainer device and is it important?

Is the retainer jaw after orthodontics important?
Is the retainer jaw after orthodontics important?

The retainer jaw is an indispensable instrument after the end of orthodontic braces.

This is an important step that you can’t ignore when looking for the results of orthodontic braces are durable and beautiful.

For many people, who often have thoughts of wearing or not the retainer jaw which also doesn’t affect the treatment results much. Because of the fact that, after removing the braces, you can see the complete teeth immediately. Then you assume that the orthodontic process is complete.

However, thing which you think is incorrect. Because if you want the results of braces to be stable, you need to follow some of the following principles:

  • Observe the indicated time for wearing the retainer jaw.
  • Correct compliance to attach and remove the retainer jaw.
  • Always clean the retainer jaw, and re-examine your appointment with your orthodontist.

Seriously do requests from the doctor, you will get a good results as expected.

What happens if you don’t wear the retainer jaw?

Your teeth are in the jawbone, and are anchored with the periodontal ligament system.

When you move your teeth to another location, it takes at least 1 year for your gums and periodontal ligament to stabilize. Therefore, after removing the braces, you no longer have any other anchor, it is easy to get the teeth back to the original position.

The retainer jaw plays an important role in fixing teeth in a new position, waiting for the jaw bone to stabilize. Therefore, an orthodontist will recommend wearing the retainer jaw continuously after removing the braces.

Principles of using the retainer jaw need to remember


In the first 3 to 6 months after removing the braces, you need to wear the retainer jaw continuously. The wearing time can range from 20-24h / day, depending on the stability of the teeth.

For the next 6 months, or for the rest of the time until the 12 months are over; You can switch to wearing this device at night.

In adults, the time to wear this tool is usually longer than a children.

@ Hygienic the retainer jaw properly

You need to clean this device every day, convenient at the same time of brushing teeth.

If the retainer devices is removable, rinse under cold running water, and use a soft bristle brush with toothpaste to clean.

These operations will help clean up the remaining food plaque, eliminating the bacteria’s growing environment. Helps limit inflammation in the oral cavity while wearing the retainer jaw.

Note: don’t wash or soak this device in hot water, as it will cause plastic frame deformation.

@ Preservation:

During unused times, they should be stored in protective boxes; Or safe places to avoid breakage and damage.

When you wear it, you should also take care to gently disassemble it as directed by your doctor. To avoid damaging gum tissue.

@ Re-examination according to the appointment.

At Quoc Binh dental clinic, after removing the braces, you can continue to monitor and re-examine periodically.

The time to wear the retainer jaw is the period that ensures the treatment results are satisfactory.

So while wearing the retainer jaw, the process of braces is still not over, and you still need to work well with your doctor.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic always wants to send many useful informations to customers; To help people understand the importance of using retainer devices to get the best treatment results.


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