Braces can change the face, is this correct? -

Braces can change the face, is this correct?

Braces can change the face, is this correct?

This is a question many young people are concerned about. Braces can change the face, this statement is correct but not enough. Let’s go with Quoc Binh Dental Clinic to find out the exact answer right below.

The face is a combination of many parts, such as the mouth, nose, eyes, forehead … These parts will be distributed in combination with each other with a different proportion in each person. Orthodontics braces can only have a noticeable effect on the human mouth.

Let’s see if the orthodontic braces can change the face in which cases:

For minor deviations, such as distorted, crooked teeth, braces will align the teeth on the arch. And after finishing, you will definitely see a natural smile, a more elegant face. However, in these cases, braces can change the face but are not too large.

In the case of jaw bone structure deviations much. For example, if the teeth is overbite, or underbite, or the bite is badly deviated, the braces will recalibrate both the upper and lower jaw. At the end of the treatment, your face will have a marked change. Focus on the jaw and the smile.

One more note: with children the braces process will impact changes faster than adults; Because the jawbone in the baby developing stage will not “hard” completely.

How braces can change the face like?

In different situations, braces can change the face with different degrees.

@ Case of underbite

In this case, orthodontic treatment will help to see a clear change of face.

Because when your teeth are underbite, usually the lower jaw will protrude more than the upper jaw. Therefore, orthodontic doctors need to pull 2 ​​jaws to the right position. Then, the face ratio will be more harmonious. The result is that braces can change the face properly.

@ Case of overbite

Like the underbite, the difference in position of the two jaws is quite large. But if the teeth are overbite, the upper jaw will be more forward than the lower jaw. And create posture teeth are like “spoon scraping coconut”.

After the treatment, the upper jaw will be adjusted to the position that is proportional to the face.

So in this situation, braces can change the face are correct.

@ In case of open bite, the upper and lower jaws cannot contact.

An open bite is a condition in which the front teeth are V-shaped, even when the jaws are closed, the inner tongue is still visible.

This condition makes patients unable to bite, chew like normal people. And there is a risk of influences of sinus function, respiratory.

Thus, after performing orthodontic braces, the two jaws will be closed, the lips also closed tightly, the face changes markedly.

So braces can change the face is the right information. But can braces change parts other than teeth?

@ There is a question about braces making nose look higher, more beautiful. Is this statement true?

According to experts, braces directly impact the jawbone and teeth, not the nose structure. Thus, accurate information, braces are not the main cause of the change of the nose.

The nose may look higher and more elegant in some patients after orthodontics; Perhaps due to the harmonious balance of the teeth, lips and overall face.

@ Braces can make the lips less rough.

Lips described as “rough” often fall into protruding teeth. Because when the protruding teeth, the upper lip is pushed out excessively, causing imbalance and not beautiful.

After orthodontic for protruding teeth (*), the lips were also adjusted to the correct position, and from there the overall lips were slimmer and more harmonious.

(*) Orthodontic for protruding teeth can be based on braces, or braces combined with maxillofacial surgery.

@ Want V-line chin just do braces.

In fact, many customers have seen the beautiful V-line chin right after braces. But exactly the reason why the face becomes V-line is because of these cases before the treatment there were much misalignment of the jawbone. After being properly rearranged to the standard position, you will feel more beautiful face.

On the other hand, in the process of braces, the meal is not free as before; Since then the body also slim, and the face is “softer”.

The above explanations have contributed to explaining many questions of young people during the past time to Quoc Binh Dental Clinic.

Changes will always be positive if you choose the right treatment site; Choose the right experienced doctor; And serious cooperation during orthodontic period.

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