The story of oral disease - the subject forever -

The story of oral disease – the subject forever

The story of oral disease - the subject forever

Did you know: “The cost of dental treatment has never been cheap?”. Because the teeth will follow us from birth until we become old men with gray hair. Therefore, there is no reason for parents to neglect oral care for children while still in the womb.

Let’s find out a lot of interesting things about the subject of oral disease right here

@ Are the worm teeth real?

If the answer is that they are real, are you surprised? Yes, the worm teeth are real, but it does not exist as the leaf-eating worm you imagine.

In a common oral disease such as tooth decay, the cause of the disease is not simply the candy or the cake. But often the root of the problem is when you were a child.

Tooth decay is caused by the destruction of the enamel, then the dentin layer is attacked. The main cause is the plaque that contains bacteria that damage tooth enamel. And when saying tooth decay is a metaphor for this destructive bacteria.

Scientific studies show that the bacteria that cause oral disease are present right from the first tooth eruption. Therefore, dental experts always recommend that parents brush their teeth when their children start teething.

@ Can we prevent oral disease even when the baby is still in the mother’s womb?

During pregnancy, if the diet of the pregnant woman is poor, the fetal weight is low, the rate of early childhood caries will be high.

In low birth weight babies, there is often a risk of having a weak tooth enamel, or developing incompletely. From there, the baby’s teeth will often be stained, very prone to tooth decay.

Common oral disease in children
Common oral disease in children

Dental caries can spread between people. When parents have tooth decay (the body has many streptococcus mutans bacteria), the rate of transmission to children is higher. Therefore, dentists often advise parents to have oral examination and treatment before pregnancy and before birth.

Pregnant women need to limit foods high in carbohydrates.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

And DO NOT smoke.

@How is oral disease from birth to 1 year old?

During this stage, people who have close contact with your baby will be the easiest source of oral disease for babies.

Need to limit the actions of kissing baby lips, feeding rice to baby by adult’s mouth … to help avoid the spread of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

The care for oral hygiene for the whole family needs to be focused.

In young children, if not teething, just clean gums with clean gauze wet. DO NOT NEED to use toothpaste at this time.

After the first teething (normal teething), about 6 months later, you should have your baby see a dentist. And maintain a regular examination schedule.

@How to brush the teeth to prevent the oral diseases in children

When your baby has their first tooth, we need to brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste. Note: Use the brush suitable for each age.

The amount of toothpaste to use is as follows:

  • Children under 2 years of age, use only the size of a rice seed toothpaste. Mostly to get your baby used to this new action.
  • Children aged 2 to 5 years old, use the size of green peas to compare the amount of toothpaste. While brushing their teeth, tilt your baby’s head to the front to practice letting the child release the cream foam.
  • When children enter primary school, they can brush their teeth every day. But we should let the child self-hygiene oral under the supervision of parents.

One thing to keep in mind for parents: toothpaste for children should choose products with clear origins. If the baby accidentally swallowed, it does not affect the health of the baby.

If parents need more information, you can contact the dentist directly at the clinic


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