Is there a cure for tooth decay during pregnancy? -

Is there a cure for tooth decay during pregnancy?

Is there a cure for tooth decay during pregnancy?

“Hello doctor! I am pregnant at week 22. Since I was pregnant, I had some discomfort in my mouth, sometimes with toothache, and then bleeding my teeth. And now, I have tooth decay near wisdom teeth. So I want to ask: Can I cure for tooth decay during pregnancy? Does it affect the baby? “

This is a question to the consultant from Mrs Khanh Chi, in Ward 7, Vung Tau City. She has questions about: can she cure for tooth decay during pregnancy at 22 weeks? And Quoc Binh Dental Clinic would like to answer as follows:

Oral conditions such as pregnancy gingivitis or tooth decay are common in pregnant women. And if you don’t have adequate prevention or care for your teeth, this will be a threat to both you and your baby.

During pregnancy, make sure that the woman’s body will have a lot of variation. Changes in the hormone during pregnancy make your body suddenly become strange. Increases the sensitivity of the immune system to bacteria in the mouth, especially in plaque.

Gingivitis disease usually occurs from the eighth week of pregnancy, and occurs most seriously until the 32th week of pregnancy. The majority of cases disease that last up to 6 months after birth. If you get prematurely decayed before pregnancy without treatment, tooth decay during pregnancy will grow and damage your teeth more.

What to do if you get tooth decay during pregnancy?

There are a number of folk tips that help to cure toothaches caused by cavities such as fresh ginger, raw garlic, salt…However, these practices only help to reduce some of the unpleasant feelings. For thorough treatment and lasting effect, you need to be examined and treated by a dental specialist.

In particular, please note that pregnant women are not allowed to use painkillers or antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription.

When you have any signs of tooth decay during pregnancy, need to visit the prestigious dental clinic. The dentist will help you remove damaged teeth by specialized techniques. For example, drill and scrape off cavities spots, then fill and smooth the surface.

Often, mild dental interventions will be safe for pregnant women in the second trimester.

If you have serious irreversible problems; Or the future needs to be eradicated, the dentist will have a maintenance treatment until the postpartum period. In cases of emergency requiring a thorough intervention or use antibiotics, the doctor will consider choosing the treatment plan that has the least effect on the fetus.

Tips from dental professionals to prevent tooth decay during pregnancy and gingivitis:

  • Before the pregnancy, you need to see a doctor, check your general oral condition. If there is a tooth decay or gingivitis … need thorough treatment.
  • During pregnancy, you can still see and treat dental diseases with gentle interventions. It is best done during the second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Daily care should be more careful. Adhere to regular brushing.
  • Limit eating foods that are harmful to your teeth, but if you can’t get rid of them, then remember to clean your teeth after eating.
  • Enhance the consumption of good foods such as yogurt, vitamin C (fruit, vegetables …), vitamin D, calcium (milk, fish, vegetables …) help protect enamel and prevent the risk of gum disease, tooth decay during pregnancy

Being a mother is a great pleasure, and women are always looking forward to having a healthy baby. However, the mother must be healthy then the baby is healthy. Therefore, you should take good care of yourself that has helped your baby is well protected.

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