Suffering gingivitis during pregnancy -

Suffering gingivitis during pregnancy

Surely, you often hear people say that “pregnancy damage teeth” or “when pregnant, toothache is not dare to cure”. In fact, there are some mothers who suffer from gingivitis during pregnancy, but they keep the old point of suffering rather than the clinic. Is it right or wrong??

Firstly, you should have accurate information on any issues related to dental health, from doctors not from rumors.

The dentist has confirmed that the common dental problem in pregnant women is gingivitis during pregnancy. And objective reasons are known, due to factors hormonal changes during pregnancy, due to bad oral hygiene will lead to swollen gums, inflammation red, bleeding…

Mothers change their eating habits (eating more sour, or eating more sweets, snacks), and sensitivities in the body during fetal adaptation (morning sickness). They are neglected to take care of their teeth.

And that thing to make the bacteria have the opportunity to develop and cause gum disease, toothache…

Suffering gingivitis during pregnancy

However, if you have had the gingivitis during pregnancy, should you delay the treatment?

With fears affecting the fetus, mothers often avoid dental treatment during pregnancy and even during breastfeeding. They accept to suffer for a long time.

So if you understand the body, know the risks that can affect the fetus, you will no longer hesitate to make decision to control and treatment.

Advice from the dentist:

Before you intend to become pregnant, need a general dental examination. For those who have good oral care habits, they should be maintained.

Pregnant women should be checked at least once during pregnancy. And the best time is 3 months between the pregnancy. Because the body is gradually getting used to the presence of the fetus, other changes in the body have become more adaptive, psychologically more comfortable, and the weight has not increased dramatically when moving, the fetus is relatively stable…

If there is a good initial control, and at the same time meet the oral hygiene, the risk of dental disease will be significantly reduced.

And some basic dental treatments such as removing tartar, fillings or even extractions tooth can still be done. With severe infections that require antibiotic treatment, the doctor will have appropriate treatment regimens for pregnant women.

In addition, pregnant women are also worried about the need for X-ray imaging during oral treatment. Understanding this, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic also would like to provide you with specific information on the safety of this problem.

Normally, when shooting a X-ray film, the x-ray area is limited to the area of ​​the tooth that needs treatment. Image diagnosis rarely has more than 5 rads. And the baby will only be affected if the radiation exceeds 10 rads. In simple dental imaging, the fetus can only absorb 0.01 millirades, meaning it takes 100,000 dental X-rays to reach the impact threshold.

With the information above, you probably have reduced your anxiety, because the risk from dental X-ray is very low. However, to ensure the psychological well-being and the risk of shooting only when necessary.

Suffering gingivitis during pregnancy

How about oral care to avoid gingivitis during pregnancy?

Brush your teeth after eating and before going to sleep. Use a soft bristle brush, replace the new brush every 3 months.

Use flossing (dental ultra-thin floss) to pick your teeth.

General examination before pregnancy and at least one visit during pregnancy (preferably 3 months between pregnancy)

Get enough nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C and calcium are important for oral health), nuts provide fats beneficial to the fetus. Limit eating foods rich in sugar or saturated fat..

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