Tooth Number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out? -

Tooth Number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?

Only those who have experienced the feeling of severe pain, to eat also can’t eat, to drink is also seen as suffering, so will understand the “suffering” of the accidental owner of tooth Number 8 was deviated. And in that situation, your wishes only have the ability to disappear pain. “Ms. white blouse fairy” will give you the answer Tooth number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?

There are 7 wonderful wonders of humanity in the world, the wisdom tooth if elected will certainly occupy the 8th wonder factor. Why so? Not that it looks unique and flawless as the other wonders, but because of the dangerous position in the nook and the ineffectiveness, but also “show its danger”.

At the beginning of dentition, teeth number 8 usually causes long-lasting pain, swollen gums, tearing out and can cause fever lasting 2-3 days, eating difficult, and talking, mouth movements make you feel hurt. And especially, if wisdom teeth are not wise, teeth number 8 grows deviated, grow underground the gums … they will make more pain.

In which case the doctors will intervene to help you solve this nuisance?

Actually, this wisdom tooth has no special role in our teeth. Does not play the role of aesthetics, nor does the chewing function. But if the number 8 straight, no gum cover, less sore, no gingivitis … not necessarily removed.

So if the tooth number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?

The answer would be: The dentist encourages you to promptly handle the extraction of the No. 8 teeth when deviated.

Some reasons are obvious that extraction of wisdom teeth causes complications to become necessary:

  • The position of the teeth grows special. Because the wisdom teeth grow in the nook of the teeth jaw, oral hygiene is difficult. You will not be able to bring up many brush heads and stand for hours just to try to clean the tooth. Therefore, the accumulation of food on the teeth will be a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply and cause decay, or cause gingivitis, bad breath … and high risk of inflammation, periodontal disease, complications affecting the jaw bone and healthy adjacent teeth.
Tooth Number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?
  • If have the deviation or grows under the jaw bone, teeth number 8 will be butt into teeth number 7, making healthy teeth 7 was shaken, pushed and pinched, the risk of tooth loss is very high. Not only that, but also cause jostle, imbalance. Also, it should be noted that teeth 8 cause bites into the gums, cheeks when the movement to eat chewing, leading to inflammation inside the mouth. In places where pressure is applied to the nerve, it can cause numbness, sensitiveness …
  • Complications of jaw bone cysts. For many patients, wisdom teeth grow for long periods of time, each time they grow only slightly, causing painful gum inflammation. Some time later repeat that cycle. This will cause the area to be at risk of chronic infection. And complications that cause jaw bone tumors, dental cysts are extremely dangerous. As it develops, it will spread to organizations around the skull, temporomandibular joints … causing facial deformities, chewing difficulties … causing subsequent sequelae such as flat facial and tooth loss. ..

So, when you have any symptoms as described when the wisdom teeth start to grow, you should go to the doctor to be examined and advised whether to remove the tooth number 8 deviated or not.

The modern method of tooth extraction dissolves all sorrows:

In the past, you would have been afraid to remove the tooth number 8, for fear of dangerous complications affecting the nerves. However, with the modern method of extraction, that obsession will no longer exist.

Tooth Number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?

Before the extraction of teeth, doctors at the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic will conduct a check on the status of your wisdom teeth. Carry out a X-ray film to determine the status of teeth, position, morphology …

Tooth extraction without “plucking” the tooth, which doctors will use the top of special tool to separate the link between the teeth and the surrounding area very gently. Drill the teeth into small pieces, and remove them from the socket simply. This new method helps the process of rapid, comfortable psychology, high safety, no infection, no tissue damage around … help patients peace of mind absolute.

Through the information of Quoc Binh Dental Clinic has just shared, you would have more useful information and peace of mind if treatment of this annoying tooth.

If you need more information about the problem Tooth number 8 deviation is necessary to pull out?, You can contact Hotline 091 483 9966 or visit to the clinic for free check-up and consultation charge for your condition..

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