What You Need To Know About Removable Denture -

What You Need To Know About Removable Denture

In fact, in Vietnam today, people need to make dentures very high. However, not all people have the conditions to use implant services of high level, or porcelain prosthesis. Hence, a removable denture solution is the best option.

What is a removable denture?

This is the method of dentures popular many years ago.

Characteristics: This is a dental plastic gum resembling a real gums (colored in the customer’s current gum tone) and attach dentures on it.

Depending on the position of the missing teeth, or the distance of the teeth to be forged, the removable denture will be made entirely of plastic or incorporate a metal frame. Both types have metal hooks to help keep the mouth fixed.

This denture resides on your real gums, so your gums will undergo direct pressure and may cause discomfort and pain.

What You Need To Know About Removable Denture

Removable dentures are good?

To answer this question, you need to consider some of the following factors:

Costs: Removable teeth are a cost-effective way of saving, which makes it easy for many peolpe choose it. Compared with implants or porcelain dental bridge, dentures are disassembled with low cost and quite different, suitable for all people.

Meet the purpose of eating chewing: Removable dentures can ensure comfortable chewing compared to the previous tooth loss.

Aesthetics: Before with the old material and techniques, you will easily recognize what is the denture, where the real teeth, if exposed to the user. However, nowadays, everything has been improved more and more, so the color and shape of the dentures are the same as the real teeth.

In addition to the outstanding advantages, the use of removable dentures still have some disadvantages:

Need more hygiene: the use of removable jaw dislodges the user frequently for cleaning, and oral care takes longer than the actual teeth. On the other hand, after a period of use, despite thorough hygiene, the mouth will appear some odor, because this artificial material should not interact to stimulate saliva secretion often, causing The mouth is susceptible to dryness and is an environment for bacterial growth.

Chewing: can’t be as comfortable as chewing on real teeth, so you will have to restrict some hard or tough foods … because if having strong pressure, the denture frame may be press in the gums and cause pain for patient.

In areas where aesthetics is required such as the incisors, the metal hook should be avoided when the surrounding teeth are removable dentures.

One factor that will keep you wondering, why after used a few years, we see the denture is loose? Due to the loss of bone in area of the tooth is removed. At this time, the removable jaw is no longer firmly attached to the gums, causing the gums to sag when they are chewed, causing pain and forcing the user to replace the entire removable jaw..

According to the information above, you probably understand that this method can not meet a tooth quality as real teeth, and longevity as dental porcelain, or implants. But for a variety of reasons you must choose to use it, so do it at a reputable dental center to improve the quality and longevity of your dentures.

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