Restricting to pull out the dental pulp, if not needed in dental treatment. -

Restricting to pull out the dental pulp, if not needed in dental treatment.

In many situations of counseling and treatment for patients, we receive many questions as well as patients’ concerns about why the pulp should be taken in some dental treatment. Is that necessary? And in what cases should the pulp pull out?

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic also would like to share more in this matter.

In fact, in cases which your teeth are inflamed directly by the pulp, and if you don’t intervene in time they will have bad result, so the treatment for pulp is really necessary. And with other situations, depending on the extent to which the doctor will have proper indications.

Why should we limit pull out the dental pulp, if not needed in dental treatment??

We can imagine more specifically, if show the closest example. You can see some green trees around you. They absorb water, nutrients from the soil and a number of other factors to live and grow. When you want to remove or cut, it is very difficult, in part because the roots are clinging to the soil, partly because this is a living entity, the connection in the tissue is very tight.

Restricting to pull out the dental pulp, if not needed in dental treatment.

But what if the tree died? With woody types, the first time seems to be solid, but in the long time, the cells dissolve, resulting in loss of connectivity, which leads to extremely crispy, fragile and decayed.

Our teeth are similar. When the dental pulp is still alive, the blood vessels bring up the teeth, they are a living entity. The teeth are tough, durable, bright and if taken care properly, they will follow us throughout life.

But with endodontics teeth, life expectancy will be shortened, perhaps only 1/3 – 1/2 of the lifetime of the tooth. Later on, they will be easily broken…

However, this does’t mean that you will refuse to treatment the dental pulp if you really need it. Because a result of dental pulp infections are much more serious. And you don’t have to worry too much if you read the article Take dental pulp out the teeth, is it safety?

Some cases in dental treatment, the doctor specifically for the situation doesn’t necessarily treatment the dental pulp as follows:

  • Tooth decay slightly, no pain.
  • Porcelain crown for normal teeth cases, but prefer aesthetic, or need change the color of dark teeth, sparse teeth, we also can be applied for some cases adjust the size of the teeth (fast results needed) without applying orthodontics in a time long.
  • Porcelain restorations for cases of tooth decay, broken corners less than 1/3 of crowns, or large but not appeared dental pulp.

However, if any of the following signs appear, the patient should immediately inform the physician of the severity of the treatment:

  • Pain, stinging pain when chewing, painful prolonged pain at night, may spread to the head area … or teeth are sensitive to hot food/ cold.
  • Injury to the jaw area.

The treatment of dental pulp is not a complicated process, but the results of treatment are absolutely or not is a very concern matter. So doctors advise you to choose reputable clinics, fully equipped machines – equipment meeting the medical standards and experienced physician, good technicians will help optimal treatment effect.

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