Can root decay be cured? -

Can root decay be cured?

Can root decay be cured?

Tooth decay is known to be very common at all ages. We have smooth surface decay, pit & fissure decay and root decay. In any position, the cavities are risky for tooth damage, causing dental pulp infections, and most importantly to extract a tooth decay.

Thus, despite the cavity in any position, the problem is most cared for is the preservation of dental integrity. So how to treat to minimize tooth damage, especially root decay, you refer to the following.

Can root decay be cured?
Can root decay be cured?

Will root decay be cured?

Confirming that tooth decay in any location can be cured. The cavities area will be thoroughly cleaned by specialized measures. Root decay are less common than other forms of tooth decay, but they can be easily cured if treated properly.

Sure, you already know some of the consequences of tooth decay. Therefore, root decay treatment is very necessary and must be very fast. In particular, when the cavities is in the root, the consequences will be more severe in other areas..

Because the root is the support for the entire crown. If the root decay happen, which will lead to destruct the support. And the risk of tooth loss will be very high if not treated promptly.

Thus, root decay can be cured when detected early and treated properly.

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“Tooth decay is as simple as you think?”

The levels of root decay:

As with other diseases, at every stage of development will have the best treatment.

Root decay but can preserve teeth:

This is a new stage of decay, they just appear in the root of the tooth, the crown can still be healthy. You will experience this condition when you have accumulated dental plaque due to the habit of not thoroughly clean teeth.

At this level, you still hope to cure and preserve your real teeth. However, the ancient part of the tooth is covered with enamel, dentin is quite thin, so if not treated soon root decay will develop very quickly.

Root decay with teeth can’t be preserved:

This situation is more common, the direction of tooth decay is widespread and deep. You will probably see decay growing from the crown to the bottom of the tooth. The structural destruction rate is over 75% and the ability to preserve real teeth will be very low.

If kept will try to hold the root, and then attach the denture prosthesis. Worst case is that you have to remove the tooth that has been root decay. And implant dentures (implants or porcelain bridges) into the lost teeth position. The cost of dental treatment and rehabilitation will be quite expensive.

How to cure root decay and what is the efficiency?

When there are any suspicious signs, you should go to the dental clinic for the doctor to see and treatment immediately.

For mild level:

The goal is to preserve the teeth.

Performed through 2 stages: scraping tissue at area decay and tooth restoration.

This is the most basic way of doing things. Scraping tissue at area decay help removes diseased tooth tissues. Dental tissue that has been attacked by bacteria will not recover.

Step 2, restoration of dental tissues by specialized materials in the dentistry, fill the hole after scraping tissue and reshape the original teeth. Helps the roots do not get decay again.

For severity level:

The goal of removing the injury and preserving the jaw is to prevent inflammation.

Normally, when the root decay is in severe stage, the entire upper crown is damaged and spread to the root of the tooth. The proper way to handle this situation, the doctor will remove the tooth with root decay and do implant or ceramic bridge to restore the missing teeth.

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