Clear braces bring aesthetics during the treatment -

Clear braces bring aesthetics during the treatment

Clear braces bring aesthetics during the treatment

Clear braces are an advanced orthodontic solution besides traditional techniques such as braces. This new solution uses a system of multiple transparent, removable trays used to move teeth. Each tray is made to fit each of your teeth, and has space to move teeth as the treatment protocol.

However, transparent trays braces do not apply to all misalignments. There are people who apply it effectively, but also some people who are not effective. Thus, to know exactly, it is best to see an orthodontist, for specific examination and advice.

Clear braces bring aesthetics during the treatment
Clear braces bring aesthetics during the treatment


Braces with trays can be used to replace traditional braces, and bring high aesthetics even during treatment.

If braces use appliances such as brackets, arch-wires, steel threads, elastic bands, springs … to pull teeth; Then clear braces only use transparent trays to hug teeth to move teeth.

This innovative solution also works on the principle of using gradual force to control tooth movement. The tray system is made entirely of transparent plastic without impurities

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, which does not affect the user’s health.

As the teeth gradually change under the close supervision of the orthodontist, you will also be able to change the corresponding sets of trays in each stage.

And with each tray change, your teeth are slightly aligned.

The total treatment time will be different depending on the deviation of the teeth. Reference from 6 months to 2 years.

Note: The time required to wear the transparent tray is about 22 hours per day on average. Must wear continuously, only remove the tray when eating or cleaning teeth. And normally every 2 weeks you will be replaced with a new set of trays.


If you are a person who wants convenience, high aesthetics (even during treatment); Or you work in the field of communication a lot, need a natural speaking appearance that is not entangled … then you can choose the solution of clear braces.

In addition, braces with trays can also be applied to you after you have completed orthodontic treatment with brackets; But after a while, you want to maintain maximum stable results, or want to further improve your smile.

Some advantages of this solution have been proven over time in all patients used:

  • The transparent trays are easily removable for easier cleaning. It also makes it easier for you to chew and clean your teeth. This helps to ensure maximum oral health. Reduce swelling of gingivitis, or tooth decay when orthodontic; Or reduce the status of tartar buildup, leftover food stuck in braces, space between teeth.
  • The transparent tray closely hugs your teeth, helping you to live and talk naturally, without entanglement, without rubbing, causing pain in the lips and cheeks. And so during the orthodontic process, you still feel comfortable as usual.
  • In addition, the transparent tray also helps to reduce the wear on the teeth due to the isolation of 2 separate jaws.


In fact, orthodontic treatment with transparent trays requires high discipline in users. Not only maintaining the time of wearing the tray, but also following each step throughout the treatment process.

With the application of modern orthodontic analysis techniques, accurately simulate and predict the changes of teeth at each time point. Incorporating precise 3D impression technique for each tooth mold.

At the same time, the amount of consumables served during the orthodontic period is not small (several dozen trays); The trays are made of special plastic that is not harmful to users (sourced from reputable manufacturers in the world)

And now most of the orthodontic systems with trays come from international experts (USA, Germany, Australia, Korea…); Therefore, the treatment cost of this solution will be higher than that of traditional orthodontic solutions.

Orthodontics with trays has a price ranging from 80 to 120 million.

To make it more accessible, and give patients more access to this innovative solution; Some companies have developed orthodontic systems with trays with a “softer” price, suitable for Vietnamese people’s pocket, but the quality and effectiveness are still good. The cost ranges from 37 million to less than 70 million.

To know more specifically about the condition of your teeth, you should visit and consult directly with an expert doctor at reputable clinics and perform intensive treatment.

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