Why are so many children experiencing of double teething? -

Why are so many children experiencing of double teething?

Why are so many children experiencing of double teething?

Nowadays, there are many children experiencing of double teething were brought to dentists for check-up. And the question is why so many cases like that? Is there any bad effect on the baby?

It can be seen that most of the causes of double teething stem from the care of parents.

Normally, babies will start replacing their teeth when they reach the age of 6. The milk teeth will swing and fall out, then the permanent teeth will pop up. However, when the process is disturbed, milk teeth have not fallen, but permanent teeth have grown. As a result, the condition of double teething is increasing.

The process of replacing milk teeth with permanent teeth usually follows certain rules. But in the process of raising children, parents today tend to care meticulously, even pampered. And this has influenced the normal development of the child.

Typically, you can see the caution in feeding, when feeding baby, parents often chop or grind food. The good side is to make the baby eating easier, but inadvertently reduces the possibility of using baby teeth. When milk teeth is not used much, the abrasion ability decreases, and at the same time lead to the impact on the teeth less. At that time, the milk teeth become stable and do not fall off; Although it is time for the permanent teeth to grow. Results: lead to double teething.

According to experts, this situation is very easy to meet today. Then the solution can only be intervened by removing the milk teeth. And slowly adjust the permanent teeth grow back to the correct position. Otherwise there will be deviated teeth and other bad consequences.

So, what factors affect the formation of double teeth?

Nutritional regime: If baby is over-loaded, it will lead to premature tooth development. This is also the cause of the permanent teeth that have grown when the milk tooth has not fallen.

Feeding method: The food is processed too soft, too smooth. Don’t need to chew, that can swallow. Thus, the tooth roots don’t receive stimulation, linked to tighten the jaw bone. And this makes milk teeth hard to lose.

What are the bad effects of double teething?

Folk notions: milk teeth are not important, milk teeth will broken and permanent teeth will replace. So sooner or later, double teeth will fall out. This is the wrong way of thinking.

When the teeth grow double, the first harm can be seen is that oral hygiene is very difficult. The brush can not penetrate into the gap between the teeth and food can not be removed. Bacteria have conditions to proliferate, develop, attack, cause gingivitis and tooth decay.

On the other hand, double teething make permanent teeth in the wrong place. Causes the teeth to be misaligned. This will lead to biting the wrong joint, and cause more serious consequences. So then, the baby must treat the deviations to obtain normal teeth.

What to do to make your child grow the teeth well?

  • If you want your child to develop normal teeth, it is important to note that the habit of chewing on food. Offer high fiber foods or some coarse grains to help your baby use his or her teeth to crush and tear better. Stimulates the development of teeth.
  • If you want healthy teeth, parents should pay attention to hygiene care properly. From brushing to using any type of brushes. Or practice the habit of keeping oral hygiene since childhood.

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