Should loose milk teeth be extracted? -

Should loose milk teeth be extracted?

Should loose milk teeth be extracted?

When you have young children starting replacement teeth, parents will have a lot of questions around whether loose milk teeth should be extracted or not. Someone said not to do by yourself, some people do the opposite. So where is the right information?

Baby’s milk teeth begin to grow from the sixth month of age, and will slowly replace with permanent teeth at the age of six. When it is 12-13 years old, the replacement procedure will be completed.

Milk teeth play a very important role in the early years of the baby’s life. Not only helps to eat or chew food well, increase nutritional absorption. It also helps in pronunciation and aesthetics.

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A very important function of the milk teeth is to keep the permanent teeth corresponding to the right growing up.

If the baby’s milk teeth die too soon, the gum at that position will tighten. And the corresponding permanent teeth grow more difficult and cause more pain.

So when are the loose milk teeth to be extracted?

Normally, when the milk teeth arrive at the need to replace will automatically fall. Because under each tooth will have germ permanent teeth, when the germ grows, the root of milk tooth will gradually disappear. At that time, the milk teeth will fall off, and the permanent teeth will pop up at the right time. This is a standard replacement procedure.

However, there are many cases of inflammation that make milk tooth was loose even not on time to replace teeth. And in this situation, tooth extraction is a necessity.

Should we extract loose milk teeth at home?

You often see many clips of themself extracting teeth at home sharing on the internet. But should we follow that?

One advice from the dentist is not to be. If we spit on our own, but if we do not know how to clean, aseptically clean, easily lead to inflamed. Or the most common is the left tooth roots and complications later.

So, if your baby has loose milk teeth, it is best to visit a dentist for the safest treatment.

On the other hand, when the doctor examines their teeth will also help control teething. X-rays detect the irregularities of the permanent teeth and have a reasonable treatment plan.

Should loose milk teeth be extracted?
Should loose milk teeth be extracted?

Notes when your baby has loose milk teeth that need to be removed

  • Milk teeth are painful, inflammation, are treated many times but not fine, should be spit to avoid affecting the adjacent teeth.
  • If children have loose milk teeth for a long time, but don’t fall off. Or permanent teeth tend to grow deviated due to milk teeth obstruction, the doctor needs to treat.
  • Inflamed milk teeth in the bottom of the tooth, chronic myelitis will affect the permanent teeth underneath. This treatment must also be thoroughly treated.

In short, you need to have your baby examined and followed during the replacement procedure to ensure the best oral health when growing up.

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