Perfect smile with Lava porcelain crown -

Perfect smile with Lava porcelain crown

Lava porcelain crown

Lava porcelain crown is the dental porcelain meet the high demand of all customers. Despite the strict requirements of aesthetics and functionality, Lava porcelain crown is still responds well, giving equal size and bright teeth.

Diseases of the teeth need aesthetic intervention

A bright smile, attracting the eyesight certainly has un-small contribution of strong teeth.

According to the natural law of development, our bodies are getting older. And the teeth will appear damaged for many reasons. This will reduce the function of chewing food, and also cause lost serious aesthetic.

You may notice some of the following:

  • The color of the teeth is yellowed, gray, or dim.
  • The surface of enamel is weak, many crack, sensitive, easy to erode the chewing face.
  • The shape, size of the tooth is not balanced, not proportional to the jaw arch and overall face.
  • Teeth deviated, some were sparse, or crowded together. Leading to the wrong bite, and serious impact on the chewing function. Like complications to another.
  • There are patients with congenital missing teeth, or fracture of the teeth … cause displacement of the adjacent teeth. This causes tooth gap, rotation, or tilt leading to bite defects, affect both function and aesthetics.

So if you accidentally encounter the above situations, then there is a way to help you reduce anxiety? Bring you confidence and harmony in life.

Lava porcelain crown – gold standard for people who want perfection.

With the strong development of the modern aesthetic, the solution to make porcelain crown become the rescue of everyone.

Especially with the Lava porcelain product, will be a great solution for customers even the most difficult request. And what makes this great?

@ Color: Lava porcelain crown have natural colors like real teeth. Luminosity, translucency are standard. Especially not changed color after long time used.

@ Technology: application of modern CAD / CAM technology. For the exact size of each tooth. Therefore, the tightness when fitting on the real teeth will be perfect.

@ The surface of the porcelain is well treated: don’t worry about erosion or adhesion during use. It is made from porcelain monolithic and high-gloss surface. Lava porcelain crown is highly resistant to oxidation in the oral environment.

@ Durability: Lava porcelain has high hardness. Accepting chewing force up to 1800Mpa, while real teeth only at 200Mpa. Therefore, the Lave porcelain crown is a line of dental porcelain with a strength of nine times the real tooth.

Perfect smile with Lava porcelain crown
Perfect smile with Lava porcelain crown

How much does Lava porcelain crown cost?

  • With a team of experienced doctors over 20 years in the field of dental treatment and aesthetics. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic always the prestigious place of the people in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.
  • All dental porcelains in our Clinic are designed, manufactured by skilled technicians. With the support of modern CAD / CAM systems, it improves the tightness and quality of porcelain crown.
  • Porcelain crowns are made under the supervision of the chief doctor. Ensure high aesthetics, safety, fast, accurate.
  • The current cost for a Lava porcelain crown is 6 million VND, and is guaranteed for 15 years.

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